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The Academy is a before– or after– school intervention program that supports students in first through sixth grade who need extra instruction in reading and mathematics.

Literacy Academy

The Literacy Academy is conducted at individual school sites. Classes are held before or after school, depending on the school. The Literacy Academy uses a Reading Club model to supports students in improving their reading skills. Teacher lessons develop and strengthen decoding and vocabulary strategies, build reading fluency, and enhance comprehension skills while providing a rich and engaging reading experience.
  • 2 or 3 days per week
  • Before or after school
  • 6 students per class

Literacy Academy:
October 13th, 2008 - March 19th, 2009

Math Academy
The Math Academy, serving students grades 2-5, is held on Saturdays at one of the PAUSD elementary schools. Students are placed in groups of 10-12 students by grade level. Teachers in the Math Academy conduct lessons to assist students in strengthening their basic math skills, reinforcing numeracy concepts and problem-solving strategies. Each classroom is also staffed by an instructional aide.

  • 3 hours of instruction (2 hours of math, 1 hour of dance, art or sports)
  • Saturday mornings
  • 10-12 Students per class

Math Academy:
October 25th, 2008 - March 14th, 2009

Middle School Math Academy

The Middle School Math Academy Program is held at each of the three middle schools, for three hours a week. Each group of no more than 12 students work with a certificated teacher who specializes in math.

  • Classes meet from 3:00-4:30
  • 10-12 students per class

October 13th, 2008 - March 19th, 2009

Magdalena Fittoria, Academy TOSA
If you have questions, contact the Academy office at (650) 329-3769 or

Revised Spetember 2008