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Charge: Enrich educational experience of students by strategically leveraging cutting-edge technological capabilities. Establish guidelines and practices to promote academic honesty and integrity in the use of technology.

Deadline: May 1, 2024 

Considerations: Rapidly evolving technology, training and support, sustainability of proper usage, work in tandem with student committees.

Lead: Jeong Choe


  • Guillermo Lopez
  • Jeff Downing
  • Ariane Tuomy
  • Jennifer Aza Allan
  • Erin Angell
  • Jackie Smith
  • Jennifer Cassel
  • Derek Moore
  • Representative from CAC - Elaine Heal
  • Board Member - Shounak Dharap
  • 8 secondary students
  • 35 community members that have diverse backgrounds and knowledge in different domains or industries, including higher education, artificial intelligence computing, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, biotechnology, healthcare, social media, and technology companies.