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One of the outcomes of the Committee is to establish guidelines and practices for new technology. The Committee worked in partnership with staff and students to develop the Palo Alto Unified School District Generative AI Guidance. This guiding document underscores the potential of generative AI to enhance teaching and learning. The primary objective of this document is to offer guidance to both instructors and students alike. It is adaptable to evolving technologies and welcomes feedback and input from the educational community to ensure its continued effectiveness.

Palo Alto Unified School District Generative AI Guidance

In addition, the Committee worked to generate a resource page for staff. Explore a curated collection of tools, guides, and insights that aim to support Staff interested in exploring innovative technologies.

Technology/AI Resource Page

Committee Information

Charge: Enrich educational experience of students by strategically leveraging cutting-edge technological capabilities. Establish guidelines and practices to promote academic honesty and integrity in the use of technology.

Deadline: February 15, 2024

Considerations: Rapidly evolving technology, training and support, sustainability of proper usage, work in tandem with student committees.

Lead: Jeong Choe


  • Derek Moore
  • Ariane Tuomy
  • Jackie Smith
  • Jennifer Cassel
  • Representative from CAC - Elaine Heal
  • Board Member - Shounak Dharap
  • 8 secondary students
  • 35 community members that have diverse backgrounds and knowledge in different domains or industries, including higher education, artificial intelligence computing, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, biotechnology, healthcare, social media, and technology companies.