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Elementary Behavior Supports

Lead: Amanda Boyce

Deadline: May 30, 2023

Rationale: Some students exhibit behaviors that are classified as dysregulated. Some students need additional help to function in classroom settings. Others need to be taught techniques that can help them regulate. This need may be the most requested focus area from our teachers. Progress in this area can benefit students struggling with dysregulated behavior, classroom environments in general, and our teachers. This topic will require a collaboration from staff, ad hoc, and the Palo Alto Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC).

Committee Composition:

  • Amy Sheward
  • Anne Brown
  • Behavior Manager
  • CAC Reps / Community
  • Jeff Downing
  • Leslie Crane
  • Member of the Board of Education - Jennifer DiBrienza
  • Teachers

Charge: Identify and define tiered Levels of Behavioral Support, including strategies and tracking information.

Considerations: Behavioral challenges in both general and special education that impact instruction and staff work time, professional development to support behavioral challenges, and MTSS.