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Secondary Bell Schedules

Lead: Kathie Laurence

Deadline: December 15

Charge: The committee will focus efforts on potential allocation of minutes within the school day, within parameters to share staff, meet state requirements, comply with collective bargaining agreements, and district priorities. Determining start and end times of schools are not part of the charge.

Committee Composition:

  • Athletic directors - Jennifer Crane
  • CSEA designated rep - Jose Garcia
  • Erik Olah
  • Harvey Newland
  • High school students
  • Members of the Board of Education (Ken Dauber, Todd Collins)
  • Mimi Kwon
  • PAEA designated reps - Daniel Nguyen, Terri Baldwin
  • Parents
  • Teachers

Considerations: Compliance with instructional minutes requirements; Collective bargaining agreements; bussing; food services; instructional assistants and part-time employees; start times; athletics; traffic.