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Choice Programs

Choice Programs

Lead: Melissa Howell

Deadline: April 15

Charge: Prepare a summary report of each choice program, including historic enrollment numbers, representation, and measures of success. Identify strengths and opportunities for each program. Make recommendations to the Board of Education for the future of choice programs in PAUSD.

Committee Composition:

  • Chris Grierson
  • CSEA designated reps
  • Elsa Chen
  • Hanisi Accetta
  • Jim Sherman
  • Kathie Laurence
  • Kelly Bikle
  • PAEA designated reps
  • Parents
  • Parents from each of our choice programs
  • Marcela Simoes de Carvalho
  • Sebastian Benavidez
  • Two members of the Board of Education

Considerations: The challenge will be determining WHAT goes into the evaluation of a program and looking at each program critically.