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Enrollment Trends and Options

Lead: Katy Bimpson

Deadline: February 15

Charge: Prepare a series of options for consideration by the Board of Education. Everything is up for consideration and thoughtful debate.

Committee Composition:

  • PAEA designated reps
  • CSEA designated reps
  • Amy Love
  • Jose Sanchez
  • Judy Argumedo
  • Annora Lee
  • Marcela Simoes de Carvalho
  • Mary Bussmann
  • Jeong Choe
  • Amanda Boyce
  • Parents
  • Additional teachers
  • Two members of the Board of Education

Considerations: Declining enrollment is an issue that requires our attention. We will either creatively address things like combination classes or embrace their reality. School closures are a last resort, but are on the table without a sustainable plan.