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Press Release: Students Bring STEM Honors to Gunn and Palo Alto High

Press Release: Students Bring STEM Honors to Gunn and Palo Alto High

Palo Alto, CA—The selection of Palo Alto Unified School District students to the Top 300 Scholar list in Regeneron’s Science Talent Search further acknowledges STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and ingenuity at Gunn and Palo Alto High Schools. Seniors Alan Lee (Gunn High) and both Ryan Lee and Vivian Wu (Palo Alto High) are receiving this Top 300 honor with Lee (Ryan) and Wu now advancing as Top 40 finalists.

All finalists are invited to participate in a week-long research and report presentation in Washington, D.C. The March 2023 exhibition, Finals Week, allows some of the nation’s most promising students to meet experienced scientists while presenting their research findings. Afterward, ten selectees receive up to $250,000 for educational purposes.

Each honoree in the group of 300 Scholars advances from a pool of more than 1,900 applicants representing 627 high schools. Students in the Science Talent Search exemplify characteristics of future STEM leaders. Engineers, mathematicians, and Ph.D. scientists review student applications for:  academic progress, innovative thought, attributes showing promise as a scientist, research skills, community leadership, and extracurricular activities.

The student research projects bring attention to aspiring minds who exemplify innovative thoughts and skills while seeking to balance worldwide challenges. Alan Lee plans to use mathematics education to advance biology or genetics. Ryan Lee looks to a career in neurology while Vivian Wu maintains interest in ecology, evolutionary biology, and environmental science/engineering.