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Summer Construction Projects

Summer Construction Projects
Summer Construction Projects 2024

PAUSD Facilities and Construction Department's Busiest Summer Yet: 
Enhancing Our Schools for a Brighter Future

This summer, the PAUSD Facilities and Construction Department is undertaking a record number of projects to ensure our schools are safe, functional, and beautiful for our students and staff. With an unprecedented magnitude of projects, the department is transforming campuses across the district. If you see a little dust at some of our school sites, here is an overview of the extensive work being done at each site.

Addison Elementary School

  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Three classrooms will benefit from new HVAC systems, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.


Barron Park Elementary School

  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Installation of HVAC systems in two classrooms is underway.


Duveneck Elementary School

  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Two classrooms will be equipped with new HVAC systems.


El Carmelo Elementary School

  • Main Campus Electrical Service Upgrade: Enhancing electrical infrastructure to support current and future needs.
  • Campus-Wide HVAC Installation: Comprehensive installation of HVAC systems.
  • Campus-Wide Fire Alarm Replacement: Upgrading the fire alarm system to enhance safety.


Escondido Elementary School

  • Multipurpose and Admin Building Project: Significant improvements to these key facilities.
  • Campus-Wide HVAC Project Installation: Ensuring all areas have efficient climate control.
  • Driveway modifications to the front parking lot to improve campus safety
    Escondido Construction 2024

Fairmeadow Elementary School

  • New Inclusive Playground: Creating an accessible play area for all students.
  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Two classrooms to receive new HVAC systems.
  • Parking/Bike Cage Reconfiguration: Optimizing space for parking and bike storage.
    Fairmeadow Construction 2024


Hays Elementary School

  • Centennial Pathway: New pathway to celebrate the school's milestone.
  • Campus Fencing: Enhancing security with new fencing.
  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Two classrooms will be updated with HVAC systems.


Hoover Elementary School

  • New Campus: A major project to build a completely new campus.
    Hoover Construction 2024


Juana Briones Elementary School

  • Dividing Wall Classroom Modification for Special Education: Creating more adaptable learning spaces.
  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Installation in two classrooms.


Nixon Elementary School

  • Campus Interior Painting: Refreshing the school's interior with new paint.
  • Accessible Parking Lot Upgrades: Improving accessibility for all.
  • Small Playground Improvement: Completed in May, this project enhances play areas for students.
    Nixon Construction 2024

Ohlone Elementary School

  • HVAC Project Kickoff: Two classrooms will be equipped with new HVAC systems.

Palo Verde Elementary School

  • Completion of Multipurpose Building Sitework: Finalizing construction work.
  • EV Charging Stations: Adding electric vehicle charging stations for eco-friendly commuting.


JLS Middle School

  • Main Campus Electrical Service Upgrade: Boosting the electrical infrastructure.
  • Campus-Wide Painting Project: Refreshing the look of the campus.
  • HVAC Project: One wing will receive new air conditioning systems this summer.
  • Admin Building Project: Enhancing administrative facilities.
    JLS Construction 2024


Greene Middle School

  • Campus Fire Alarm Replacement: Upgrading the fire alarm system.
  • Pool Power Upgrade: upsizing the pool power to support a heated deck shower
  • Building Demo of Wings H and E: Preparing for future developments.
  • Re-Roofing of Multiple Wings: Ensuring all wings A, K, B, F, G, and C have new, durable roofs.


Fletcher Middle School

  • Campus-Wide HVAC Installation: Comprehensive HVAC improvements.
  • Campus-Wide Fire Alarm Replacement: Upgrading safety systems.
  • New Pool: replacing existing pool that failed and reconfiguring the new pool to provide backup redundancy for the High School pools. 
    Fletcher Construction 2024


Gunn High School

  • Modernization and New Construction of Admin, Food Service, and Culinary Classroom Project: Major updates to these key areas.
  • Campus Fire Alarm Replacement: Ensuring safety with a new alarm system.
  • Press Box/Scoreboard: Enhancing sports facilities.
  • Bike Path Lighting: Improving safety with better lighting.
  • Adult Education Move to Portables: Moving adult ed to make room for expanded special education facilities at the Cubberley site.
    Gunn HS Construction 2024


Cubberley Community Center

  • Fire restoration: Restoring fire alarm to the damaged wing so we can occupy the undamaged areas while a long term solution is determined.


Palo Alto High School

  • Finalizing the elevator installation to complete the Tower building project.
  • Campus-Wide Fire Alarm Replacement: Enhancing safety with a new system.
  • Lunch Seating Area: Creating a new, comfortable area for students.
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing: Improving sports facilities.
  • Fire Pump Diesel Exhaust Ductwork: Essential upgrades for safety.
    Paly Construction 2024


In addition to all the construction, the team continues to plan for future projects. Those future projects currently under design include: 

  • District Master Plan Architect Selection: Choosing an architect for future projects.
  • District-Wide HVAC Projects: Comprehensive HVAC improvements across multiple sites.
  • District Office EV Charging: Adding electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Gunn and Paly Softball Turf Projects: Enhancing sports fields with new turf.
  • Paly Library Roof Replacement: Ensuring the library has a durable new roof.
  • Gunn Special Education 1:1 Program Mini Campus Planning: Preparing for a new dedicated space.
  • Building E Reconfiguration at Gunn: Optimizing the use of Building E.
  • Spangenberg Theater Lighting Upgrades: Improving the lighting for performances.
  • Hoover Two-Story Building: New construction project.
  • Barron Park Playground: Creating a new play area for students.
  • Installation of HVAC up to current campus power capacity while we continue to work on the campus power upgrade required for the full campus HVAC project. Three classrooms will benefit from new HVAC systems, ensuring a comfortable learning environment.

This ambitious array of projects demonstrates PAUSD's commitment to providing high-quality, safe, and engaging environments for our students. The Facilities and Construction Department is working tirelessly to ensure that these enhancements are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. We look forward to seeing the positive impact these improvements will have on our school communities.