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2021-22 Learning Options

Dear PAUSD Parents/Guardians:

On July 14, all school districts in Santa Clara County were provided direction regarding in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. All school districts now have the best information we should expect before the start of school.  

Students have the option of in-person instruction or Remote Independent Study (RIS). The Remote Independent Study program will be offered for the 2021-22 school year only. We are asking families to make a non-binding selection for the 2021-2022 school year for our planning purposes. A final selection form will be sent over the next two weeks.  

To assist in your selection, we would like to offer a bit of context.  As we have all learned over the last two years, information, rules, and guidelines change often. This survey is based on the best information we have  today. Prior to completing the survey this brief survey, please review the following important current factors for 2021-22: 

  • All students are expected to attend in-person instruction. However, students and families that feel in-person instruction compromises their health may elect to participate in a Remote Independent Study (RIS) learning option that will be offered by the district. 

  • As of now, PAUSD will utilize a third-party provider for the Remote Independent Study learning program.  This means students in Remote Independent Study may likely not be taught by a PAUSD teacher. 

  • As per the California Department of Education, the Independent Study program will include daily live instruction for students in grades TK-3, opportunities for daily live instruction and at least weekly live instruction for grades 4-8, and weekly synchronous instruction for high school students.

  • Prior to enrollment in the Remote Independent Study program, families must meet with PAUSD staff to discuss the program and procedures for enrolling, disenrolling, and reenrolling.

  • For in-person instruction, masks will be required indoors for all staff and students regardless of age or vaccination status. 

  • Students with a medical condition that prevents wearing a mask MUST obtain a medical exemption from a qualified physician in order to attend in-person classes

  • Masks will not be required for staff and students when outdoors.

  • Social distancing will not be required on campus (indoors) or outdoors per CDC guidelines.

  • Choice programs such as Language Immersion and the Connections programs will not be available in the Independent Study program.

  • Students who select Remote Independent Study will be permitted to return to PAUSD within five days of requesting a return. Every effort will be made to return students to the home school pending space availability. If space is not available, the student will be considered for another school selected by the district.

  • Prior to selection and approval of Independent Study for students with disabilities under IDEA, an IEP meeting must be held to review and develop an IEP addendum. 

  • AP and Honors courses at the high school level may be limited or non-existent in the Independent Study program. 

  • Students in the Remote Independent Study program may be prohibited from extra-curricular activities, including high school athletics (Still under review). 

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