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It’s always difficult to summarize thoughts in the last message of the school year. As I foreshadow often, the last couple months of every school year are always tough for a variety of reasons. This is also a time for reflection, celebration, and acknowledgement of jobs well done. If you have a senior, please try your best to think about the best parts of the journey. A quiet place always helps me to refocus my thoughts and cherish the memories that will last forever.

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I was the principal of Laguna Beach High School during a time when the TV show,  Laguna Beach, was the top-rated show on MTV. I learned some things through that experience that help me on days like today. Schools need to be safe and predicable environments. In the case of Laguna Beach, it was common for me to escort grown men off campus who were looking for the student-actors. The show invited an unsafe situation for everyone. I was very happy when it came to an end. When school sites or the surrounding streets look or feel different, they become challenging. That is the case today.

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