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As the Thanksgiving season approaches, it presents an opportunity for introspection about the truly significant aspects of our lives. In the spirit of reflection, I asked each leader in our team to share a dual narrative: one of their contributions to someone’s growth, and another of how they themselves have been nurtured by others. This exercise, rooted in simplicity, reaffirms that our essence is shaped both by our actions toward others and by the influences we welcome into our own lives. In a world prone to underlining division and inequity, I am reminded that the act of sharing positive stories is inherently joyful, as evidenced by the inspiring accounts from the Leadership Team.

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Message from Board President Jennifer DiBrienza

The Board met in a special session this morning and voted to suspend virtual (Zoom) comments for the next 3 meetings (October 24, November 14, and December 12).

Zoom commenters have recently been calling into local public meetings and doing their best to disrupt meetings. They have done this in surrounding towns in recent weeks and ...

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I truly appreciate being a part of PAUSD and all the wonderful aspects it offers. It's a privilege to be involved in our collective efforts. Lately, I've been engaging with site staff members to gain insight into their perspectives and to gather ideas for our future improvement. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to meet with various groups and organizations to ensure we hear from a diverse range of voices. This work has been significant and has left a positive impact.

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