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Superintendent's Update - December 1, 2023

Superintendent's Update - December 1, 2023

From the Office of the Superintendent . . .

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Ethnic Studies Course Update

At the September 12, 2023 Regular Board of Education meeting, Board members voted to implement the ethnic studies course graduation requirement  (AB) 101), beginning with the 2025-26 school year.

A community input session was hosted on October 25, 2023. Please see the presentation overview shared at that meeting. Also, the Ethnic Studies Course Feedback Form remains open and your input is welcome.

The Ethnic Studies Committee is reviewing the social science curriculum from a holistic viewpoint, and continues work on updating the current Ethnic Studies course, as well as course alignment with other grade-level sequences. A progress update will be provided after winter break. 

To encourage more active participation from students, student input sessions are being planned for each secondary school site.

Ad Hoc Committee Update

Short-Term Ad Hoc Committees  for the 2023-24 school year continue to meet regularly.

The District-level Committee on Technology/AI worked in partnership with staff and students to develop  Palo Alto Unified School District Generative AI Guidance. Input was received from parents, administrators, elementary and secondary staff, including special education staff, and industry experts. High school student AI/Technology committees are also exploring ways to collect input from the larger school community.

The PAUSD Generative AI Guidance document underscores the potential of generative AI to enhance teaching and learning. The primary objective of this document is to offer guidance to both instructors and students alike. It is adaptable to evolving technologies and feedback. Input from the educational community is welcomed to ensure its continued effectiveness. In addition, the Committee worked to generate a resource page for staff.  Explore a curated collection of tools, guides, and insights that aim to support staff interested in exploring innovative technologies.