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Superintendent's Update - January 14, 2022

Superintendent's Update - January 14, 2022


The agenda calendar is tentative until officially posted. The calendar can be found HERE.


This one is easy. Thank you…. We have dealt with enough uncertainty over the last two years to last a lifetime. With over 750 registered volunteers, we can take school closures due to staffing off the table. We did this together.

Many volunteers may not need to fill roles during this surge. That isn't the point. The point is we are prepared for a real issue no matter what happens. It may come in a week, month, year, or never. It doesn't matter now. #1PA

Reflecting back to Saturday when things took shape, we were focused on a practical task. Since then, I have seen that the practical purpose of filling spots may not be the most important thing that happened. Without trying to be too dramatic, maybe we took a step in the direction of regaining some control. We didn't wait for something to happen that would cause a reaction. We took steps to determine the fate of our students. Parents also regained the ability to get back on school sites. Three years ago, this was a foundational element of the school-parent relationship. It has been a hole and parents have been missed.

It's easy to read anonymous posts and think everyone shares the same anger and opinions about things. They don't. Rumors become truth in seconds and are impossible to correct. The country is painted as divided, and loud is often confused as smart. It's easy to become jaded and cynical. Conversely, positive news is frowned upon and discarded by many. That's funny to me. This is a time we should be looking for common ground and things to celebrate.

We did not solve the problems of the world this week. It was still a really good week by any standard. If we want, we can take a breath and consider that there is more good around us than we may have thought. Your critic can become your strongest partner if you allow some space and offer an opportunity to be a teammate. You are all appreciated. Life is good and thank you all.


PAUSD has partnered with Safeway to offer another vaccination clinic on Sunday, January 23, 2022. This clinic will be at the Gunn High School library building from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Details about the clinic and registration will be sent to all families and staff in a separate message.


The elementary English Language Arts Pilot and Adoption Committee members met this week to discuss their perspectives on the first curriculum piloted, HMH Into Reading.

Teachers are now piloting the second of three curricula being considered for adoption in the spring, Benchmark Advance. Teachers representing Young Fives through 5th grade will pilot the reading and writing program until mid-February.

Community members on the committee have participated in the process. They have observed pilot teachers implementing reading instruction with students and will provide input during committee meetings.

Education Specialists, Reading Specialists, English Learner Specialists and Teacher Librarians, and Administrators are represented on the committee. They also observe lessons, provide insight and feedback.

More information about the adoption is available on the PAUSD Every Student Reads Initiative webpage.