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Superintendent's Update - March 4, 2022


The Board of Education agenda calendar can be found HERE.

The PAUSD Promise was formally adopted on June 18, 2019, after substantial input from stakeholders. Momentum was strong throughout the first semester of 2019 with many reasons to be optimistic about our efforts positively impacting student outcomes. The COVID pandemic closed schools in March of 2020, and undeniably derailed our efforts in the Promise while turning our attention to navigating unprecedented times.

PAUSD schools were the first in our region to return to in-person instruction during the 2020-21 school year. We believe that providing opportunities to return in-person, combined with a dramatically improved distance learning program, were our success markers for the year. We entered the 2021-22 school year with renewed optimism and enthusiasm. The original PAUSD Promise has been modified to reflect the realities of returning after a prolonged and unimaginable closure.

The priority goals for 2021-22 reflected a desire to identify and influence things that are important and within our control. PAUSD made progress in many areas beyond the five priority areas. Priority areas for 2021-2022 were: Service to Others; Mental Health; Equity; Early Literacy; and Healthy Attendance.

This annual report will put PAUSD on a routine cycle moving forward. The report will be followed by revised goals and metrics for the 2022-23 PAUSD Promise and budget development aligning with the priority areas.

Since people have different learning styles and capacity for information, we have created different presentations of the same information. This includes long and short version documents and the creation of a new website landing space. Additionally, updates and Board of Education past agenda items will be sorted by priority area for review.

There is no finish line for important work involving people. I want to thank everyone on our PAUSD team and our parents for believing in us. Many school districts sputtered over the last two years. While we dealt with plenty of challenges, this report points to significant progress despite obstacles. Our best days are ahead, but we should also take a moment to celebrate some of the positive things that have taken place.

On February 28, 2022, Governor Newsom announced a change to mask requirements in schools. After March 11, 2022, the universal masking requirement for K-12 and childcare settings will terminate and wearing a mask at schools will become optional for students, staff, and visitors.

In alignment with past practices of following state and county mandates, PAUSD will follow these new state requirements for optional masking in schools. While the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) strongly recommends continued use of masks, we understand this is a choice each individual or family will make. It is important to respect different decisions and opinions regarding masking.

We should expect conversations and discussions about indoor masking. Our signage will change to reflect the expiration of the state order and the CDPH recommendation for indoor masking. Individual choices will be honored and no adult should compel students to either wear or remove masks.

We have been driven by rules and mandates for an extended period of time. Transitioning to a point where individuals have more control over personal choice, and less control over the choices others will make, is ripe for conflict. We encourage people to respectfully share their thoughts and take time to consider the perspective of others.

If future conditions change resulting in new mandates from a state or county agency, PAUSD will follow the requirements and notify families and staff. Staff members who have medical concerns should contact the Human Resources department to explore options. Parents are always encouraged to have conversations with their classroom teachers and site principals.

We encourage everyone to continue following health and safety protocols such as hand-washing, staying home when sick or exhibiting symptoms, and testing.

Full details from the CDPH can be found HERE.


Will your child be turning five (5) years of age between September 2, 2022 and February 2, 2023? If so, you are eligible to register them for Transitional Kindergarten for the coming 2022-23 school year. For more information, visit the PAUSD website.


Elementary sites celebrated Read Across America Day on Thursday, March 3. Guest readers consisting of parents, students, Stanford Athletes, staff from the school sites, and the District Office shared their favorite books with the children, enhancing our focus on early literacy. Students enjoyed stories in school reading gardens, classrooms, and walking field trips to the park. Through the tradition of reading aloud, students had the opportunity to hear new voices, talk about the story with friends, and discover new books to add to their collection or check out at the library.

Barron Park Elementary School recognized the power of multilingualism - Read Across the World was the theme! Parent volunteers, staff, and students read in Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish! This inclusive practice reinforces literacy in home languages and the joy of sharing stories in community.


The District will be hosting a virtual job fair on Wednesday, March 16, for teaching (certificated) and support staff (non-teaching, classified) employment opportunities.

For more information and to register for this event, please visit: