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Superintendent's Update - May 6, 2022


The agenda calendar can be found HERE.


Today marks the official end of Teacher Appreciation Week. Sites have found ways to honor and celebrate our teachers throughout the year and specifically this week. For a handful of retirees, amazing careers are concluding. They have impacted more lives than they can imagine and have made PAUSD a better place through their contributions. We will honor their careers at a formal event on May 17th.

For some of our teachers, this is the end of a first-year in the profession. Due to the strength and depth of our recruitment pools, PAUSD hires very few teachers directly out of college. For those fortunate enough to land here, it is fun to watch their growth and maturation. We were all new (and young) once. There will be a day when they will mentor a crop of new teachers in the future.

Some teachers spend their entire careers in the same classrooms. Others change grade levels and school sites often. High school teachers may have courses that didn't exist when they began. The most unique thing about the profession is the eclectic makeup of those who stand in front of our students. Diversity of our teachers is important, including how they make connections with our students, interact with each other, and add to the culture.

Our teachers are appreciated for all they do. Please join me in offering thanks for their service!


This week Reading Specialists, English Learner Specialists, and School Psychologists participated in a seminar with Dr. Jarice Butterfield regarding the importance of using pre-referral strategies to determine the precise needs of multilingual learners before moving toward assessment for a specific learning disability. She engaged elementary school educators in examples of significant factors that may be both a learning difference and a potential learning disability and ways to gather more information to determine the difference. Our general education specialists coming together for this presentation provide site teams with a shared understanding as they partner with classroom teachers, principals, and parents to support multilingual students effectively.

We look forward to creating increased opportunities for these groups of specialists to participate in District-wide gatherings. We are committed to providing differentiated support for our multilingual students, addressing disproportionality, and increasing high literacy levels for every student in our schools.