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Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) Log

PAUSD uses an online reporting system to track reports and complaints of discrimination known as i-Sight. Students, parents, and employees have the ability to report an incident through i-Sight, in addition to being able to report electronically through email or phone call. Reports and complaints filed through email or phone call are also entered into i-Sight by the Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer. I-Sight provides immediate visibility to the District’s Title IX and Compliance Office on all reports and complaints received, allowing our team to monitor what is occurring in our schools and to provide guidance in handling and responding to an incident. I-Sight allows the Title IX and Compliance Office to analyze the data points from these incidents at a more aggregate level to understand student and campus climate at all of our school sites.

We generate our log of reports and complaint, commonly known as the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) log, directly out of the Root system. The UCP logs are posted below:

We welcome your feedback on the UCP log. The Title IX Coordinator and Civil Rights Officer can be reached at