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School Construction

The Palo Alto Unified School District has continued to improve its school facilities during the past two decades with the implementation of three Facilities Bonds:

  • Building for Excellence: 1999-2005
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure A: 2008-Present
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure Z: 2018-Present

Updates for projects currently under construction, individual school site facilities plans, and links to oversight committees are listed below.

Sun-kissed two-story building at JLS
Palo Verde, Hoover, Greendell - Progress update for 2022-04-29

Site construction begins next week at Greendell to finish the install of the new portable village. New electrical, fire alarm, and plumbing utilities will be installed along with safety fencing and asphalt patching for accessible walk areas. We also submitted final plans to PA Power for the new electrical service for the campus. We continue to work on traffic solutions for improved bicycle safety arriving at Greendell and made great progress with the City Traffic Engineers in meetings this week. 

For the Hoover design we are finalizing the schematic design to take it to the Board on Tuesday, May 10. We will present the draft schematic design to the Property Committee on May 2, present the traffic solutions to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PABAC) on May 3, and present the final schematic design to the parent community on May 5.

Palo Verde, Hoover, Greendell - Progress update for 2022-04-22

Palo Verde had a successful Bringing Up Bicyclists parent education night to discuss ways to support student bike commutes to school. This was specially geared towards our move to Greendell next year and over 20 families attended. We will host another via zoom on May 16. We met with the CSTSC for their monthly meeting and shared updates on our traffic signal studies at Middlefield and Cubberley. We re working with the city to further understand the existing signal wiring so we can make some improvements to the intersection.

Portable construction continues on the Greendell site and we are issuing construction contracts for the remaining infrastructure to support the portables. We also continue to work with PA Power to complete the new electrical service application to power the portables.

Hoover designs continue to progress with more focus group meetings. We are preparing to bring Schematic designs to the Board on May 10.

Palo Verde, Hoover, Greendell - Progress update for 2022-04-01

Construction started his week prepping the Greendell site for the portables to move over next week.  Light poles and asphalt curbs were removed and we began work on a new concrete sidewalk to improve pedestrian access from the Cubberley parking lot. The contractor also began disconnecting the portables at Hoover to prepare for their move.

The Palo Verde teachers continue to pack their classrooms and the PV move committee met this week with our move consultant to begin the more detailed planning.

Hoover design meetings continue to progress with focus group meetings with the Kindergarten team and Palo Alto Fire Department.

Additional Information

Site Master Plans

Each school site was engaged in meetings relevant to its specific site to develop conceptual plans based on district wide goals. The breakdown of projects reflects a consensus that the issues raised by the focus groups apply to the various sites as well.

Board Bond Advisory Committee

The Board Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) has been established as a Board of Education committee to provide advice to the Board in its thinking about the Strong Schools Bond activities.

Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee

The Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee is responsible for review of the activities of two bond measures.

Property Committee

This committee meets with various members of staff to review issues related to district property or property interests to be acquired by the District and also for improvements to district property.