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School Construction

The Palo Alto Unified School District has continued to improve its school facilities during the past two decades with the implementation of three Facilities Bonds:

  • Building for Excellence: 1999-2005
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure A: 2008-Present
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure Z: 2018-Present

Updates for projects currently under construction, individual school site facilities plans, and links to oversight committees are listed below.

Sun-kissed two-story building at JLS
Escondido - New Multi-Purpose and Administration Building - Progress week of 3/25

EL Building:

  • Landscaping work will be ongoing throughout the week, will be mostly hand tool use without noise impacts.
  • Grade- all use to relocate boulders in and around the EL building will take place during the week, expect idling and beeping for several hours likely mid-week.
  • Final commissioning to take place on Wednesday.
  • Possible fire alarm testing on campus during the afternoon of Wednesday 3/27.

MPR/Admin Building:

  • Blocking and backing work continues, expect hand tool, saw, nail gun and scissor lift use throughout the week.
  • Electrical and Plumbing rough in continues throughout the week, no noise impacts anticipated.
  • Fire Sprinkler installation will complete the main phase of installation by Tuesday this week.
  • Final trenching and compaction work for seat walls as well as form and bracing work will take place over several days mid-week.  Small excavator and small dump use involving some idling and beeping.
  • Potential to begin some site work grading around the perimeter of the MPR building, would involve fairly consistent equipment use and beeping throughout the day beginning mid week.
Escondido - New Multi-Purpose and Administration Building - Progress week of 3/18

EL Building:

  • Irrigation work is finalizing their connections for the drip system.
  • Landscaping soil tilling continues throughout the courtyard and back of building areas in preparation for planting.  Light excavator use to be expected.
  • Second coat of paint on the exterior is ongoing and nearing completion.

MPR/Admin Building:

  • Liquid waterproofing at the roof level has been completed.
  • Interior wall framing is 95% complete.
  • Blocking is ongoing throughout the project and exterior sheathing will be completed this week.
Escondido - New Multi-Purpose and Administration Building - Progress week of 3/11

EL Building:

  • Punchlist items are being recorded and addressed across the entire new Enrichment lab area, no noise impacts expected.
  • Exterior painting is ongoing this week into next week, light compressor noise when spraying likely.
  • Irrigation trenching is almost complete and soils testing will begin next week prior to landscape installation.
  • Commissioning 90% complete

MPR/Admin Building:

  • Canopy area joist work is nearing completion, and sheathing is ongoing.  Expect frequent nail gun noise and minor compressor noise throughout the day.
  • Fire sprinkler main and branch line nearing completion in the MPR space.
  • Roof drains have been installed.
  • Ongoing blocking throughout the space, will involve hand tool and saw use throughout the day.

Additional Information

Site Master Plans

Each school site was engaged in meetings relevant to its specific site to develop conceptual plans based on district wide goals. The breakdown of projects reflects a consensus that the issues raised by the focus groups apply to the various sites as well.

Board Bond Advisory Committee

The Board Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) has been established as a Board of Education committee to provide advice to the Board in its thinking about the Strong Schools Bond activities.

Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee

The Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee is responsible for review of the activities of two bond measures.

Property Committee

This committee meets with various members of staff to review issues related to district property or property interests to be acquired by the District and also for improvements to district property.