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School Construction

The Palo Alto Unified School District has continued to improve its school facilities during the past two decades with the implementation of three Facilities Bonds:

  • Building for Excellence: 1999-2005
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure A: 2008-Present
  • Strong Schools Bond - Measure Z: 2018-Present

Updates for projects currently under construction, individual school site facilities plans, and links to oversight committees are listed below.

Sun-kissed two-story building at JLS
Palo Verde Relocation - Progress update for 2022-01-07

We are planning an additional bike rodeo in the spring to support the 4th grade students that missed the traditional bike safety training last year due to covid and we will hold multiple rolling bike to school trainings in the fall to teach kids safety specifically along the path the Greendell.

We are planning a bike audit of the path to explore additional mitigation measures that may be necessary along the city streets so we can work with the City Traffic Engineers to implement further improvements.

We planned a PV teacher walkthrough of Greendell for next week but have postponed that due to the covid surge. We also are negotiation with move consultants to acutely manage the teacher/ campus move this summer.

Palo Verde Elementary School – New MP and Administration Buildings – DSA Review Phase

This project will construct a new Multi-Purpose building to replace the existing building in its current location. Another building will construct six new classrooms and one new enrichment lab where the portables currently are. The existing classroom next to the Library will have minor renovation to function as an enrichment lab. The Administration building will be upgraded with Gender Neutral restrooms. The Lower wing will be modified to accommodate an equivalently sized 3rd Kindergarten classroom, Resource Center and Specialists.

The Board approved a temporary campus at Greendell & Cubberley to house Palo Verde during the construction of the project next school year. Staff is communicating with the School Principal, Staff and Community stakeholders to review construction logistics, relocation benefits and mitigation efforts. DSA submittal is scheduled for November 9th, and project construction is scheduled to occur during the 2022-23 school year.

Palo Verde Relocation

As long as an interim elementary school can be created at Cubberley in time, Palo Verde Elementary School will be temporarily relocated to Cubberley at 4000 Middlefield Road for the 2022-23 school year. Planning is in motion for the move at the recommendation of our construction team.

Without the move, Palo Verde would have experienced more than two years of construction with constant noise, no play area or grass, and portables on Louis Road. Instead, all construction is scheduled to be completed in one school year, with students returning to the site in August of 2023.

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Additional Information

Site Master Plans

Each school site was engaged in meetings relevant to its specific site to develop conceptual plans based on district wide goals. The breakdown of projects reflects a consensus that the issues raised by the focus groups apply to the various sites as well.

Board Bond Advisory Committee

The Board Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) has been established as a Board of Education committee to provide advice to the Board in its thinking about the Strong Schools Bond activities.

Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee

The Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee is responsible for review of the activities of two bond measures.

Property Committee

This committee meets with various members of staff to review issues related to district property or property interests to be acquired by the District and also for improvements to district property.