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Recognizing PAUSD Builders
In the spirit of the poem about Builders or Wreckers by Charles Franklin Benvegar and the PAUSD Promise priority area of Serve and Celebrate Others, staff have been asked to identify  colleagues who are "Builders". Below are those individuals.

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View video and photo gallery of the Welcome Back Kickoff and Chow Down.

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Builder Karen

She is a fantastic speech therapist who exemplifies patience and compassion. In the short time that I have known her, Karen has shown great resilience and an unwavering dedication to supporting students and families. It's been great to witness Karen build a solid foundation and I look forward to building together. - Christian Munoz

Builder Soumaya

At Fairmeadow, Soumaya is simply awesome.  She is a person who really is here to support everyone, at and around, our school site. Soumaya is our PTA President, a substitute teacher, a student aide, a Fairmeadow parent, a Site Council member and she supports staff, students, and community at onsite and off-site events. Sh is building us all up, over here at Fairmeadow. - Trebor Winslow

Builder Micaela

She is a person who bridges gaps, and builds relationships, friendships, and a community. Micaela always looks to improve things in and outside the school. Building a community is something a great Builder seeks to do in the school and its community. Micaela knows that high-functioning teams are essential and that a healthy community, students, and staff will contribute to stability, retention, and investment. Also, Micaela understands that human beings crave rapport and deep bonds with other human beings. In comparison, she comprehends how to create these great connections and bonds with the school, students, and community.  - Jose Ordonez

Builder Beth

Beth Hedge is the site secretary at Duveneck. Beth is a true “builder!”  She manages so many different aspects of our school every day with grace and positivity. She builds up our staff by fielding our MANY needs and questions each day. She always stops what she is doing to help get us what we need. As well, she builds up students EVERY day when they come to the office.  She has a gift for patience as she hands out band-aids, ice packs, or water to help reset their day. She is a pillar to our principal and parents, and our community is stronger because she is in it.  - Lisa Sinclair