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We are a student-oriented district where children come first and where students always remain at the heart of our commitment. Thanks to the efforts of our talented and dedicated staff, strong support from our Board of Education, involved parents and a community that values education, our students benefit from a rich and varied curriculum. As we pursue our Strategic Plan to provide a first-class educational program for all our students, our ongoing commitment is to improve student achievement and to support all areas of student development.

Vision Statement

We support all PAUSD students as they prepare themselves to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world. We develop our students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, and nurture their curiosity, creativity, and resilience, empowering every child to reach his or her fullest intellectual, social, and creative potential. 

Mission Statement

We are a public, pre-K-12 school district that unites our students, teachers, staff, and parents to deliver on our collective vision by offering a rich and challenging academic experience to all students within a supportive community, dedicated to preparing our youth for the challenges of living in a fast-changing world. 

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District Goals for 2017-2018

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

With students as the center of our focus, the following five focus areas form the basis for improvement efforts in important areas of the district’s operations:

A. Academic Excellence & Learning


Create an exceptional learning environment that equitably supports and appropriately challenges all students to reach their potential through a love of learning, mastery of the basics, and cultivation of higher-order skills.


A1: Differentiate the educational experience to effectively engage, appropriately challenge, and ensure mastery for every student

A2: Ensure post-secondary preparation by implementing the Common Core State Standards, improving feedback for students, and increasing consistency in curriculum, grading, and homework across sites, grades, and courses

A3: Significantly raise the achievement of historically underserved students by ensuring equity of preparation, access, and support from Pre-K to 12th grade 

B. Personal Development & Support


Support the social-emotional needs of students and celebrate personal growth across multiple dimensions, while ensuring
a positive, safe, and healthy environment


B1: Foster personal development and health of students through social, emotional, behavioral, and physical supports; teaching; and services, in partnership with an engaged and supportive community

B2: Ensure safe and positive school environments for students through partnerships, student engagement, and improved procedures

B3: Improve system of counseling supports to prepare all students for academic, social-emotional, and post-secondary success

C. Staff Development & Recruitment


Create an exceptional, positive teaching environment by developing, recruiting, and retaining the most talented staff and
supporting a culture of professional growth and innovation


C1: Foster a culture of relevant and effective professional growth among all staff to develop a community of learners

C2: Encourage and support teachers to innovate, improve and adapt teaching methods and deepen pedagogical content knowledge

C3: Ensure strong talent and leadership across teaching, classified, and administrative roles through robust recruitment and career development

D. Budget & Infrastructure


Optimize use of resources to support student development, and ensure robust long-term plans for physical and financial capacity through prudent stewardship of resources, enhanced public and private support, and strong community partnerships


D1: Optimize the use of resources for maximum impact on student learning

D2: Plan capacity for facilities and make design choices that are consistent with effective approaches to teaching and learning, as well as flexible and sustainable

D3: Invest strategically in IT to support teaching and learning, promote efficiency and effectiveness of all staff, and ensure a robust infrastructure

E. Governance & Communication


Create a focused, transparent governance process that is a model of informed communication, evidence-based decision-making, and clarity of responsibility between Board, District, and Sites


E1: Engender trust with the community through frequent, clear, transparent, and varied communication

E2: Provide a coherent district approach to align sites on key areas (e.g., curriculum, course consistency, safety protocols, measuring impact, special needs support) while continuing to support site innovation

E3: Engage in dialogue and partnership with community members and organizations to augment resources and enhance student outcomes

E4: Promote a culture that supports innovation and adoption of effective educational strategies, to support student learning