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All employees are paid for work performed on a monthly basis. Voucher work, i.e. hourly and daily work, will now be paid with our 10th of the month payroll cycle, beginning July 1, 2022. Payroll deadlines have been established to ensure an employee is accurately paid through the regular monthly payroll processes. If set up with direct deposit, automatic payments will be deposited on the morning of the each pay date.

Due by the 15th of each month

  • HR/Fiscal Approved Personnel contract changes (e.g. new hires, change of assignment, FTE change, budget change)
  • Payroll forms (e.g., direct deposit forms, W4 forms, DE4 forms) must be submitted to the payroll office 
  • Voluntary deductions (e.g., 403b and 457b forms, benefit changes) must be submitted to Sue Harris at or via pony 

Any payroll documents received after the 15th are subject to be processed the following month. Thank you for being conscientious in getting all the necessary documents to us on time. We make every effort to ensure all changes and extra hours are processed. However, any timesheets or documents received after due dates, including incomplete forms, will likely not be processed until the next pay period.

Important Updates

  • Timecards are due to the site prior to the voucher due date, please check in with each site on their specific deadlines.
  • Electronic vouchers must be submitted on or before the Voucher Due Date along with the required supporting documentation (e.g., timecard, time log) and must be approved by the administrators by 10am.  

Payroll Contacts