This Committee met during the 2013-2014 Academic Year. Please visit the Safe And Welcoming Schools (SAWS) Committee as the outcome of this committe's work.

Students achieve their best at school, academically, socially and emotionally, when they feel safe.  Given the above, the District is committed to developing and enhancing learning environments that are welcoming, inclusive and comfortable for all students.  The District is embarking on a plan to review policies, procedures, train staff, guide students and engage parent partners to fortify efforts to help all students build a strong connection to school.

The action plan, which moves from Board policy review through strategies for including parents and community members, is not cast in stone, meaning, as the District moves through execution and learns more about student and staff needs, we will modify and strengthen the plan as necessary.  Our compass is a commitment to ensure student engagement and student comfort, and the details of the map that will guide this ongoing journey are our students' needs.

If you have questions, contact Brenda Carrillo at (650) 833-4202 or

  • Increase awareness of and confidence in the District’s commitment to provide comprehensive services to address and support student safety and well-being.,
  • Establish clear policies and practices that support safe, welcoming and nurturing learning environments for all students.
  • Ensure that all employees, students and parents understand behavior expectations, including cyber citizenship, the processes for reporting and examining student needs and how to access assistance when they witness or are a victim of bullying.
  • Establish platforms that reinforce the District’s commitment to transparency and inclusion: all voices must be heard and community values must be considered.
  • Engage students to enrich their sense of pride and program ownership.
  • Expand on excellent work and training that is in place and expand behavior expectations to include cyber citizenship.
  • Establish communications platforms that will be updated regularly. 
Task Force Members

Sarrie Paguirigan, Duveneck Staff

Linda Lenoir, District Nurse

Damian Huertas, Special Education Coordinator, LGBTQ Chair

Barbara Best, PTA Parent

Amanda Gantley, Nixon Teacher

Christina Schmidt, Special Education CAC Parent

Judy Argumedo, Coordinator

Nancy Pang, Coordinator

Grant Althouse, Jordan Assistant Principal

Chris Grierson, Duveneck Principal

Carolyn Benfield, Paly Administrative Asst. 

Christina Dithridge, Paly Mental Health Therapist 

Kim Bomar, PASS Parent

Bertha Chipayo, VTP Parent

Linda Van Gelder, Paly Parent 

Rajul Kadakia, Jordan Parent

Brenda Carrillo, Student Services Coordinator

Katherine Baker, Terman Principal

Elissa Kaplan, Young Fives Teacher

Sharon Ofek, JLS Principal

Katya Villalobos, Adult School Principal