This summer, we created a new online reporting system for reports and complaints of discrimination. The system is called “roots”. When a principal or designee receives a report or complaint of discrimination, including harassment or other misconduct based on race, sex, disability, age or religion, he or she enters information about that matter into roots. The roots system provides immediate visibility to the District’s Compliance Officer (DCO) into all such reports and complaints, allowing the DCO to monitor what is occurring in the schools and to provide guidance as to how incidents are being handled. The roots system also allows us to analyze these incidents at a more aggregate level – for example, to look at how many reports and complaints are coming in over time, or at a particular location.

Starting today, we are now generating our log of reports and complaint (commonly known as the Uniform Complaint Procedures, or UCP log) directly out of roots. This will save substantial amounts of time for the DCO going forward and will eliminate the possibility of error in transmission of data from roots. The new format will apply to the log of reports and complaints received since the first day of classes, August 14, 2017.

Over the coming weeks, I expect we will refine, clarify and even correct how we are presenting information in the log. The District will aim to post here information for the public as we do so.

One particular clarification as we issue today’s version. One of the data fields in roots is “date of incident,” which is allows us to pick a single date. As we have started using roots, however, it has become clear that many reports and complaints do not have a clear date. While some reports and complaints may be about a single alleged occurrence on an identifiable date, many relate to alleged events occurring over time. Sometimes a complainant is not sure when an alleged incident occurred. At this point, I have been putting in some date that I believe is at least within the range of dates during which incidents are alleged to have occurred. I also attempt to include within the narrative description some indication about the timing of alleged incidents. However, I am going to continue to think about whether there is a better solution to this question.

I welcome your feedback on the log and on anything else. You can reach me at

2018-19 Discrimination and Complaints Log, updated as of August 13, 2019

2017-18 Discrimination and Complaints Log, updated as of May 3, 2019

2016-17 Discrimination and Complaints Log