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Elementary Schools - Fall 2020


All PAUSD schools will open the 2020-2021 school year in a distance learning model. We are confident that our instruction and support of students will be at the level PAUSD families have come to know and appreciate. 

Teachers are currently completing newly developed training modules designed to improve online planning and teaching skills, help transfer their well-established brick and mortar teaching methods to hybrid and full distance learning modalities.  We learned a great deal last spring about online instruction and are confident that our program will be greatly improved this year. 

Features of Elementary Instruction

  • Instruction will occur throughout the day in a block schedule (see schedules below)
  • Each core subject block will begin with synchronous instruction
    • Students are expected to attend
    • Attendance will be taken
  • Music, PE, and Library will be primarily asynchronous lessons, with synchronous check-ins at the beginning of the block period
  • Pick up of student supplies and materials will be arranged by site principals most likely the week before school begins
  • Instructional minutes will meet or exceed the established state standard
  • Independent Work Time is allocated for students to complete work, read, etc.
  • Consistent and frequent communication will occur between home and school
  • Weekly parent and student feedback will be solicited
  • English Language, 504, and IEP Services for students will be embedded in the schedule
  • Special education distance learning for all grade levels (preschool-k) will be delivered synchronously and in conjunction with the full minutes outlined in their IEPs
  • Kindergarten and Young 5s begin the year with half days through October 9, 2020. Starting October 12, Kindergarten and Young 5s will begin full-day instruction if in Distance Learning and possibly in person
  • Back-to-School Nights will occur virtually within the first few weeks of school
  • Childcare options for families on school sites include PACCC, Right at School, and Kid's Choice (Nixon Only)

100% Distance Learning Model

The 100% Distance Learning Model will include a fixed schedule and will consist of both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Each day will have at least three core content blocks and two "specials" blocks for a total of five blocks. Students will begin every morning with a live, in-person morning meeting. Synchronous instruction will be provided for core subject-specific blocks as well. In addition to the core subjects, students will have interactive read-alouds, art, music, PE, and Library. Specifics regarding what subject is being taught at each block will vary by teacher.

Sample Schedules