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Stanford Anthology for Youth

Stanford Anthology for Youth is an annual collection of student writing and art. The editors of this exceptional and meaningful eBook shared this message with the student authors and artists:

"One thing that stands out above all else in the pieces included in this year's anthology is that all of you have shown that you have a voice that wants to be heard. You want your emotions and your stories to be read and to have an impact. You have so much inside of you that needs to be let out, and you express it beautifully through your stories and your artwork.

Congratulations to the five JLS Middle School students featured in the anthology!"

Jay Iyler

  • Writing: "Contemplation" pg. 232

Sophia Lee

  • Writing: "The Dreams We Have Forgotten" pg. 155
  • Art: "Valiant Apollo" pg. 239, "The Horrifying Truth" pg. 27, "The Praying Madonna" pg. 117

Sophie Rong

  • Art: "Sad Puppy" pg. 221

Safina Syed

  • Writing: "The Cycle of Purpose" pg. 106
  • Art: "Lean on Me" pg. 50

Aijia Zhang

  • Art: "The End" pg. 234, "Three Animal Portraits" pg. 182, "Hey Dude" pg. 209