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Special Education

To ensure health and safety of students and staff, the Special Education department will follow all mandates and requirements set forth by the CDE, Santa Clara Public Health Office, SCCOE and direction from PAUSD Board of Education.  Despite what the District had hoped, in-person instruction is not possible at this time.  Current guidelines allow for in-person instruction to occur when the county is removed from the monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. 

Distance Learning Experience

Distance learning for all grade levels (preschool-adult transition) will be delivered synchronously and in conjunction with the full minutes outlined in student IEPs. Instructional assistants will be utilized to support small group instruction and all students with an IEP will work directly with their case manager at least once a week. 

Assigned Cohort

Elementary students with an IEP will be assigned a cohort based on their general education classroom teacher (mild/moderate) or their case manager (Futures). Secondary students will be assigned a cohort based on their case managers. Special education staff will maintain service logs. Students will remain in these cohorts when our county comes off of the monitoring list so support for students will transition with as little disruption as practicable between learning modalities (full distance, hybrid, and full return).  

Services and Assessments

School psychologists and service providers will reach out to parents beginning the week of August 3rd to schedule in person assessment sessions for those cases that are pending or were paused during school closure.  Assessment includes initials and triennials.   

Additional Information

Due to the individualized nature of special education services, additional information about how specific individualized services will be provided for your child will be shared with you when staff return to school in early August.

If you have a specific question about your child's IEP that can't wait until case managers return in August, please reach out to the Directors of Special Education: