PAUSD Mathematics Program Vision

PAUSD provides an exceptional math program that supports every student developmentally in achieving mastery and confidence at each individual's highest level. Math instruction is aligned to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. Teachers use Everyday Math, adopted in 2009.

Archived 2011-12 Elementary Math Task Force

Teacher Math Survey Results Jan. 2011

Helpful Resources

EM Glossary PreK and K / Glosario Nivel Infantil (K)

EM Glossary Grades 1 - 3 / Glosario Grados 1 - 3

EM Glossary Grades 4 - 6 / Glosario Grados 4 - 6

Fact Triangles for Addition and Subtraction

Fact Triangles for Multiplication and Division

Everyday Math Online Resources 

Everyday Math Student / Parent Login Page (For Student Log in information, please contact your child's teacher) 

Family Resources

Interactive Reference Book 

Online Games

Technical Support 

On the Everyday Math Website, there is a support page which lists the minimum technology requirement for EDM Technology Online. There is even a computer test that you can run. Check here for more info.

For information on "How to Download Shockwave and Unblock Pop-ups,click here.

Compatibility issue between Snow Leopard and Adobe's Shockwave

Adobe is working on updating the plug-in, however until they provide a resolution users will have to run in Safari in "32-bit" mode. They can set Safari to run in that mode with the following steps:

  1. Quit Safari Browser
  2. Click and hold the Safari icon
  3. Select "Options > Show in Finder"
  4. In the resulting Window, click on the Safari icon, choose File > Get Info from the menu or use Apple-I keyboard combined strokes.
  5. In the resulting Safari Info window, select to check check the Open in 32-bit mode box.
  6. Close the Safari Info window.
  7. Restart the computer. After the restart, check to make sure Safari is set to "32-bit" mode.
  8. Start Safari and try to launch the games again.

University of Chicago School Mathematics Project - Everyday Math

Glossaries in English and Spanish

Family Letters

Help with Home Links & Study Links

Additional Resources

Summer Resource Packets for Parents

Kindergarten / Kindergarten Spanish

First Grade / First Grade Spanish 

Second Grade / Second Grade Spanish

Third Grade / Third Grade Spanish 

Fourth Grade / Fourth Grade Spanish 

Archived 2009 Textbook Adoption Information