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Mandatory Annual Data Update

Completing the Annual Data Update (ADU)

  1. Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the ADU.
  2. If a student lives in two households, the update must be completed by a parent/guardian from the "Primary" household. If you are not sure which household is primary, email

How to Complete the ADU

  1. On the ID Portal, click the Infinite Campus:
    ID Portal landing page
  2. Click More (left sidebar) > Online Registration (bottom of main section) > Start (next to 24-25 Annual Data Update):


  • If you encounter the following message please make sure that you are logged in using your parent account, not your child's account:
  • If you don't see the left sidebar click the More symbol:
    Infinite Campus access sidebar menu
  • If you need help logging in to the ID Portal, retrieve your username, or reset your password, follow these instructions.
  • For further help please open a Let's Talk ticket.