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Choice Programs

Elementary Choice Programs

Middle School Choice Programs

Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) offers several choice schools and programs at the elementary school and middle school levels. Because Choice Programs are unique and differ in content and/or structure, only one application to one program per student may be submitted.

  • New students who have completed a registration with PAUSD are eligible to apply. Current students should contact the school to determine availability.
  • Admission is granted through a lottery system (kindergarten for elementary programs; 6th grade for middle school programs). A separate application for each student must be submitted. Applications must be submitted for students of siblings concurrently enrolled in a Choice Program, and students of PAUSD employees.
  • To ensure stable enrollment and fairness to other families, parents/guardians are advised as follows:
    • Only one application to one Choice Program per student will be accepted.
    • When accepting a Choice Program enrollment, the Choice Program school becomes the student's neighborhood school, and students remain enrolled through the last grade level of the school (5th for elementary, 8th for middle). Requests to transfer out of the Choice Program are considered only for special circumstances. Before accepting a Choice Program placement, parents/guardians are advised as follows:
      • Choice Program students remain enrolled in the Choice Program regardless of where the family home is located within PAUSD. (Transfers are not approved due to a change of address, within PAUSD, of the family's home location.)
      • Parents accepting a Choice Program enrollment sign a contract stating they understand, and accept, the characteristics of the Choice Program, and that their student shall remain enrolled through the 5th (or 8th) grade.
    • Waitlists are created during the kindergarten and 6th grade lotteries; students who missed the lottery, or who are entering PAUSD in a grade other than kindergarten or 6th grade, can submit a request to the Choice Program to be added to the waitlist. Students who are disenrolled from PAUSD will be removed from the Choice Program enrollment and waitlist.

Please contact the PAUSD Registration Services office or call (650) 329-3707 for any questions.