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The state of California requires school districts to collect and maintain various information on students they serve. In addition to the information required by the state, local policies and practices require additional questions to ensure the smooth operation of all schools. The Online Registration/Annual Data Update process occurs once annually, and serves to combine as many of the notices, mandates, and consent forms into a single process.

Palo Alto Unified uses the Infinite Campus software platform to manage the official information related to the educational processes. This platform stores the official records for the district, and as such, it's important to ensure the information entered is accurate.

To account for the wide variety of modern family situations, the sections are organized by household, parent, and student. Each section can have one or more entries. The questions are arranged specifically relevant to each section, as answers could be different for two children in the same household, or two parents in a split family situation.

New registrations, please refer to the Registration section of our site.

Returning students, the application can be accessed only during the Annual Data Update window by clicking the inbox message link inside Infinite Campus. Login to Infinite Campus through the ID Portal.

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