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Required Documents

Required Documents

ALL of the following documents must be provided as part of an enrollment. This applies to students who attended PAUSD in the past, and to students with siblings already enrolled.

Enrollment will not be considered complete until all documents are received by a Registration Services staff member.

For the purposes of this section, "parent" means either biological parent or guardian. Only a parent or guardian, with supporting documentation, can register a student.


One (1) of the following documents containing parent/guardian name and address:

  1. OWNERS: Most recent property tax bill or receipt of property tax payment; must show owner name and address (a copy that includes the owner name can be obtained by emailing a request to If the owner is an LLC, documentation must be provided that connects the parent to the LLC. If no property tax bill or payment receipt is available because the purchase is recent: the final closing statement or grant deed is acceptable.
  2. RENTERS:A Current Lease Agreement showing parent/guardian is the renter; must include manager/landlord's contact information and signature. All pages of the lease are needed, including signature page but not including addendums or amendments. If the lease has expired, or the lease is month-to-month,parent must also include either a recent rent payment receipt, or recent manager/landlord letter with signature stating the parent is a current resident.
  3. SHARED HOUSING: Families living free-of-charge in a home within PAUSD boundaries (RCSD for VTP/Tinsley), must complete a Shared Housing Affidavit and provide it along with the additional Resident's documents listed in the Affidavit. Resident must accompany parent to the Step 3 appointment.


UTILITY BILL (PAU or PGE), the most current bill, or a letter of utility account confirmation (at primary address and in the name of the parent/guardian and must show the parent's name, address, and date that utilities start).

Important Note: If the lease agreement explicitly states utilities are included as part of the rent, then two (2) additional proof documents are required from the list below rather than just one (1) as stated in the following sentence.


Any of one (1) of the following with primary address and in the name of parent/guardian:

  • Confirmation of service for cable or internet
  • DMV vehicle registration
  • Home or renter's insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • W-2 tax form
  • Voter registration; pay stub; letter from government agency
  • U.S. Mail address change verification.
Parent Guardian ID

Parent or Guardian/Caregiver identification: Photo ID such as driver's license or original passport (no copies will be accepted). NOTE: If student lives full time with a caregiver/guardian instead of a parent, guardians must provide court document or Caregiver Affidavit.

Student ID

Student identification: original birth certificate or passport (no copies will be accepted), or duly attested baptism certificate. Contact Registration Services if none of these are available. Parent must register a child with the full first and full last name that is listed on the birth identification document.

Health Records
  • Student's Immunizations Records: All records must be official, meaning it can be determined that the document comes from a health service or doctor.

    Please see our complete list of immunizations for K-12 Admission Requirements
  • TB Risk Assessment form (or a TB test if required after assessment): must be completed by a health professional in the U.S. (Students transferring from another Santa Clara County school are exempt from this requirement.)

Visit our Immunizations and Health Mandates page for a complete description of all State and County requirements.

Additional Documents

The following documents need not be submitted as part of the registration; however, parent must provide them before student is assigned to a school:

  1. High school students entering the second semester of 9th grade, or entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, must submit an official student transcript from the previous school, with a professionally English-translated version included.
  2. Transfers from other school districts: If student is transferring from a school within the United States, complete a Request For Records form. (NOTE: This is only required for students coming from a school in grades TK through 12; does not apply to a student coming from a preschool.)
  3. Special Education students: Provide a copy, signed by parent and previous school, of existing or previous IEP or 504 plans.

Please contact Registration Services for any questions: email, or call (650) 329-3707. Fax: (650) 321-4525.