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Required Documents

ALL of the following documents - unless they do not apply to your family or student circumstances - must be presented to the Registration Services office (step 3 in the previous page). A registration will not be considered complete until all documents are provided.

REMEMBER to complete an Online Registration first!

  1. Original document of Parent or Guardian/Caregiver identification: Photo id such as passport or Driver's License or ID Card. NOTE: If student lives full time with a caregiver instead of a parent, caregiver must provide a completed Caregiver Affidavit.
  2. Original or certified copy of Student Identification document, such as a birth certificate, passport, or duly attested baptism certificate. Contact Registration Services if none of these are available. If a student's name or gender for registration is different from what is list on the student's identification document, parents should submit a completed form for either a Legal Name-Gender Change, or a Requested Name-Gender Change.
  3. Residency document, Primary Proof: One (1) of the following documents with the parent/guardian's name and address:
  • Owners: Most recent property tax bill or receipt of property tax payment; must show owner name (a copy that includes the owner name can be obtained by emailing a request to If the owner is an LLC, documentation must be provided that connects the homeowner/parent/guardian to the LLC. If no property tax bill or payment receipt is available because the purchase is recent: will accept final closing statement or deed.
  • Renters: current Lease Agreement; must include manager/landlord's contact information and signature. All pages of the lease are needed, including signature page but not including addendums. If the lease has expired, or the lease is month-to-month, an additional letter is needed from the manager/landlord with their signature, indicating the parent(s)/guardian(s) are current residents, which must be dated within the last 30 days.
  • Shared housing: families living free-of-charge with a homeowner/lessor who is not the parent or guardian, must complete the Shared Housing Affidavit and submit all documents listed in the Affidavit instructions in lieu of item 4 below. Note that documents are required from both the homeowner/lessor AND the parent; and the homeowner/lessor must be present along with the parent at the in-person office visit.
  1. Residency documents, ADDITIONAL Proof: Two (2) documents, most current and with the parent/guardian's name and address, as follows:
  • Category 1: Utility bill, or a letter of utility account confirmation
  • Category 2: One document from this list: confirmation of service for cable or internet; DMV vehicle registration; home or renter's insurance; W-2 tax form; voter registration; pay stub; letter from government agency; U.S. Mail address change verification; medical insurance

    Note: If the Primary document is a lease agreement AND the lease agreement explicitly states utilities are included, then the two Additional proof documents can come from Category 2.
  1. A Residency Declaration form must be completed.
  2. For students with a parent in two households: at least one of the parents must live within Palo Alto, and the student must reside with that parent at least 50% of the time, for the student to qualify as a Palo Alto resident and attend PAUSD schools. When one parent lives outside of the PAUSD boundary, each parent must complete the Custody Calendar 19-20.
  3. Health Records.
  • Student's Immunizations records: All records must be official (read item 1c for definition of "official"). If your doctor has scheduled immunizations to be administered at a date after the registration appointment, a letter signed by a California licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) is required listing the dates the immunizations will be administered.

    Note: As of July 2019, California requires 2 Varicella doses (vaccination against Chickenpox). If the student has had the Chickenpox disease, only a medical exemption can be accepted in lieu of the vaccinations. Definition of a medical exemption can be found on the Health Services page, in the "Immunization Requirements" section.
  • A TB Risk Assessment form (or a TB test if required after assessment): must be completed by a health professional for the student. (Students transferring from another Santa Clara County school are exempt from this requirement.)

Click here for a complete description of all State and County requirements.

  1. If student is transferring from a school within the United States, bring a completed Request For Records form. (NOTE: This is only required for students coming from a school in grades TK through 12; does not apply to a student coming from a preschool.)
  2. Review Grade Placement policies to determine the grade level PAUSD will assign based on student birth date; if parents want a different grade assigned, evidence of current or previous grade must be submitted for consideration.

The following documents are not needed at the in-person office visit; however, parent must provide them before student is assigned to a school:

  1. High school students entering the second semester of 9th grade, or entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, must submit an official student transcript from the previous school, with a professionally English-translated version included.
  2. Special Education students: Provide a copy, signed by parent and previous school, of existing or previous IEP or 504 plans.

Please contact Registration Services with any questions or call (650) 329-3707.