The Board Policy Review Committee (BPRC) has been established as a Board of Education committee to assist the Board in its thinking about District policies. The scope of the work involves policies in operation, new mandates and policies derived from State of California legislation, and policy needs for Palo Alto Unified School District.

If you have questions, you may contact Shounak Dharap, School Board Member, BPRC Chair, at or Komey Vishakan, General Counsel, at

Charge Statement


The operations of the committee are informed by:

  • The Brown Act in effect in the State of California
  • The amended Charge Statement to the BPRC adopted by the Palo Alto Unified School
  • District Board of Education at the regular meeting of January 26, 2010
  • The meeting protocols in effect for all Board of Education meetings in the District to include:
    • Community Comments
    • How to Address the Board of Education


The purpose of the Charge Statement is to clarify the work, the responsibilities, the authority, and the expected results of the PAUSD Board Policy Review Committee (BPRC).


  • Board of Education members (2)
    • Appointment made with the same process used for all standing PAUSD committees
    • Two-year term, with one original member having a one-year term to stagger the terms
    • Senior Board member will serve as Chair of the BPRC
    • Second Board member will serve as vice-chair
  • Superintendent or Superintendent’s Designee (1)
    • Will serve as staff support to the chair, vice-chair and committee
    • Term to be determined by the Superintendent
  • Teacher/Certificated Staff Representatives (1)
    • Appointed by PAEA President or substitute
    • Term to be determined by the PAEA President
  • Administrative Representatives (1)
    • Volunteer from PAMA
    • Term to be determined by the PAMA President


BPRC will work within the existing resources assigned to accomplish the work in the charge statement of the Board of Education.

BPRC Review Process

Proposed agenda items may be channeled dependent on the needs or requirements of individual policies.

  1. Receipt of CSBA updates OR Receipt from other input source such as board, community, or staff
  2. Review by Superintendent and Chair for assignment to staff for review (updates also provided to BPRC)
  3. Staff reviews and make suggestions if needed
  4. Policies returned to Superintendent for final markups (can include a recommendation not to adopt)
  5. Review by BPRC (possible return to Superintendent for further review or markups or not recommended for adoption)
  6. Recommendations to Board of Education (possible return to BPRC for further review, markups, or not recommended for adoption)
  7. Policies adopted and disseminated to staff and the community as appropriate OR Policy is not adopted


The Superintendent will ensure the policy and regulation updates are disseminated to all interested (administrators, teachers, classified personnel, and the community) parties.

Meeting Materials