The History-Social Science Textbook Selection Advisory Committee completed its work in May, 2018, with the recommendation that the Board approve the adoption of the Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI) History Alive! California Series for grades 6-8.  The Board approved the adoption on May 22, 2018

The History-Social Science Textbook Selection Advisory Committee is a community-based committee consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, and students, working in alignment with Board Policy 6161.1.

PAUSD’s last middle school history–social science textbook adoption took place in 2007.  The intervening years have seen the adoption of the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010 and of a new California History/Social Science Framework in 2016.  In addition, new laws, changes in disciplinary research and pedagogy, and the passage of time have rendered the current textbooks out of date.

The State Board of Education approved a new list of Common Core-aligned instructional materials in November of 2017.  The Committee has spent the fall semester reviewing the new history-social science materials and has selected two instructional programs to pilot in our middle schools in early 2018.  Teachers will be asked to evaluate the new materials upon completion of the pilots, and the Committee will be recommending a CCSS-aligned program for adoption to the Board of Education in late spring.  The expectation is that the new instructional materials will be implemented in the 2018-2019 school year.

Middle school history-social science materials under consideration for adoption are currently on display in the hallway at the District Office.  The Committee welcomes the public's input.  Comment forms are available and all feedback will be taken into account.  [=================================================================================]

Charge Statement

Charge Statement Purpose

The purpose of the Charge Statement is to clarify the work, the responsibilities, the authority, and the expected results of the PAUSD Middle Schools’ Textbook Selection Advisory Committees.


As defined by Board Policy and Administrative Regulations for Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials (BP 6161.1 and AR 6161.1), membership in the selection committee shall include the following:

  • Three (3) MS Instructional Leaders
  • Three to Six (3 to 6) Middle School Teachers
    • Each grade level must be represented
    • One or two teachers per site (the same number of teachers from each site)
  • Three (3) Parent Representatives
    • One parent representing each middle school site
  • One (1) middle school administrator
  • Three (3) Student Representatives
    • One student representing each site—preferably grades 6 and 7 because the committee may work over two school years
  • One (1) Special Education Middle School Teacher
  • One (1) Secondary English Language Specialist: Coordinator or Teacher
  • Two (2) subject area High School Teachers
    • One from each site
  • One (1) Elementary Teacher Representative
    • Elementary Teacher or Elementary TOSA
  • One (1) Chief Academic Officer, Secondary Education (Assistant Superintendent)
  • One (1) Secondary CCSS TOSA

Membership Term:  The term is ad hoc. The committee meets until the committee submits its recommendation to the Superintendent or to the Superintendent’s designee.

Purpose/Work of the Committee:

  • Review the CCSS-aligned instructional materials on the State of California adopted materials lists for grades 6, 7, and 8.
  • Review and select the instructional programs (texts and materials), given the information from the teachers during the examination period, to be used in the pilots in the spring semester
  • Review the teacher recommendations after the pilots are complete, and
  • Select the instructional materials or program for use in grades 6, 7, and 8 beginning in August 2018.


  • Approximate meetings for the Middle School Textbook Selection Advisory Committee
    • October, 2017: Kickoff Meeting
    • November, 2017:  SCCOE visit and Text Review; Debrief previous meeting
    • December, 2017:  Publisher’s Presentations
    • December, 2017 – January, 2018:  Finalize the Pilot Texts
    • January - April, 2018:  Plan the rest of the pilot and how/when to bring adoption advice to the BOE.
      • Review of Pilot Reports
      • Finalist Publisher Presentations for community, if needed
      • Finalize recommendation
      • Bring recommendation to the BOE


The Middle School Textbook Selection Advisory Committee will submit program adoption recommendations to the Superintendent or to the Superintendent’s designee.


  • A recommendation for a CCSS – aligned textbook or program at each grade level, 6, 7 and 8, no later than May 15 to the Board of Education. The recommendation is to include a written rationale for the selection(s) in comparison to those not chosen on the finalist list.


The Middle School Textbook Selection Advisory Committees will work within the existing State and District textbook budgets.

Thanks to all parents and students who applied to the PAUSD MS HSS Textbook Selection Advisory Committee

Applications for membership on the committee have now closed. Thank you to the many parents and students who applied for a seat on the committee.  Members will be notified by October 10, 2017. Committee membership is approximately twenty-one people: eight history-social science teachers, three middle school parents (one from each site), two administrators, three middle school students, one special education teacher, one English Language Learner specialist, a PAUSD elementary TOSA, a PAUSD secondary TOSA and the Chief Academic Officer for Secondary Education.

The PAUSD MS HSS Textbook Selection Advisory Committee's meetings may be attended by the public. The public is welcome to give input on the committee's work either by filling out a form (available at the meetings) or by emailing Karen Logue directly (

Committee Members




Megan Shelby, JLS HSS IL

8th Grade SS

Kirsten Missett, Jordan HSS IL

7th Grade SS

Tristan Ginanni, Terman HSS IL

7th Grade SS


Purva Sinha, JLS Parent

Uzma Minhas, Jordan Parent

Priya Satia, Terman Parent




Diane Luu, JLS

6th ELA & SS; Connections

Brooke Tassa, Jordan

6th ELA & SS

Victoria Blockhus, Terman

8th Grade SS



Adam Nelson, JLS

Assistant Principal

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt, Jordan



Andrew Celio, JLS Student

Jennifer Finkelstein, Jordan Student

Raul Martinez Luna, Terman Student


Nikole Manou, District Office

K-5 Instructional Coach


Anna Ward, Gunn HS

9th-grade WH; 11th-grade USH

Mary Sano, Paly HS

10th-grade US Gov’t; 10th-grade Contemporary WH



Joleen Roach, Jordan

Resource 8



Erica Ng, Jordan

English Language (EL) Coordinator



Sharon Ofek, District Office

CAO, Secondary Education


Karen Logue, District Office

CCSS Secondary TOSA


Committee Archives