The Board of Education has adopted the following four goals:

  • High Quality Teaching & Learning: Engage every student in joyful, purposeful learning that appropriately challenges all students to ensure core content mastery and maximizes each student's opportunity to excel academically
  • Equity & Access: Assure that every student has access to multiple programs, services, activities and enrichment experiences that support student learning and enable each individual to achieve his or her fullest intellectual, creative, and social potential
  • Wellness & Safety: Provide for the social, emotional, and physical health needs of students and staff and cultivate positive, identity-safe school environments that promote high levels of connection, engagement, and overall well-being throughout the school community
  • District Office Operational Support: Create and follow compliance systems in accordance with federal and state Title IX and OCR regulations and PAUSD Board policy

In support of these focus areas, the following priority actions are currently underway:

High Quality Teaching & Learning 

Ensure a rigorous curriculum and research- based instructional practices with appropriate interventions and support for all students PK-12

  • Provide targeted professional learning opportunities to all staff and administrators in support of instructional excellence and equitable outcomes tied to key district priorities.
  • Revise new staff onboarding process to ensure compliance and complete new employee  orientation
  • Increase or maintain performance on all LCAP priorities (LCAP Plan)   
  • Form a District work group to review alignment, grading, assessment, and homework practices in secondary education

Equity & Access 

Increase equity of opportunities and outcomes for all PAUSD students to close the achievement gap

  • Evaluate the Special Education Program and Services and develop a plan to address identified areas for growth and improvement.
  • Approve and implement the District’s Equity Plan to increase student and parent engagement and eliminate the achievement gap for underrepresented groups (HUR, low SES, students with disabilities)

Wellness & Safety

Increase student access to social and emotional learning (SEL) supports and services to improve safety and wellness for all students

  • Review and monitor school and district policies,  practices, and protocols for evidence of supportive practices, patterns of inclusion, diversity, respect, safety, and security.
  • Ensure compliance with all bullying and harassment policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all staff is annually trained in policies, procedures, and compliance with UCP, Title IX, records maintenance, suicide prevention, student discipline, IDEA - Child Find, and Section 504 according to what is relevant to their job title and function.
  • Ensure ongoing mental health services are provided at each school site and are accessible to all students.
  • Continue to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities to improve student physical and mental health and well-being, and to continue to address community challenges including suicide and sexual harassment prevention. 

District Office Operational Support


Create and follow compliance systems in accordance with federal and state Title IX and OCR regulations and PAUSD Board policy:

  • Forms and protocols developed to support staff compliance with policies and procedures
  • All RA deadlines are met and weekly updates of UCP logs completed and published
  • PRA requests logged and responded to
  • Board minutes are up to date
  • System developed to keep current with new legislation
  • Anonymous reporting system is operational
  • Roots staff reporting system is operational
  • OCR Resolution agreement terms are fulfilled within timeline outlined within
  • OCR determines additional monitoring after a three-year period is unnecessary
  • All deadlines for Title IX and UCP complaints are handled in a timely and effective manner


  • The district will manage fiscal resources to ensure District priorities, as established through goal planning and the LCAP process is supported
  • Conduct an operational review of the Human Resources and Business Offices Department to address identified areas for growth and improvement

Human Resources

  • 10% improvement in teacher engagement survey results related to performance evaluations, professionalism, and career development
  • 2018-19 faculty roster has an increase in historically underrepresented teachers teaching core classes and subjects
  • Exit interviews conducted and information used to develop and implement professional learning for 2018-19
  • Open negotiations with PAEA to explore adoption/creation of evaluation system for certificated employees to aligned with district goals


  • Advance district facilities master plan: convene community and staff, engage consultants and create a final plan to be submitted for approval by the Board. Based on this plan, ask the Board in the future to consider authorizing a bond election.

Communication & Community  Collaboration

  • Strong collaboration and partnership will be formed with community stakeholders to ensure that parent/community concerns and feedback are considered