August 13, 2018

Dear PAUSD Families,

As the new Superintendent of Schools, it is my honor to welcome you back to our school district.  On behalf of the Board of Education and entire staff, we hope to provide our students the best experience possible.

The start of school is an exciting time, full of hope and great aspirations.  That is as true for the adults involved as for the students heading to their first day of kindergarten.  On the best days, our students will have magical experiences and create memories that last forever.  Other days may be more challenging.  We will support your students through their highest highs and lowest lows.  The beauty of school is the journey that takes place as students find their voice, form their beliefs, and slowly mature into young women and men.

You are sending your students to one of the most amazing school districts in the nation.  The schools are prepared to welcome your children and to walk with them down the path that fits their hopes and desires.  Welcome back!


Dr. Donald B. Austin
Superintendent of Schools