Zoom Guidelines, Considerations, & Security

Zoom will be used as PAUSD’s official video conferencing and live streaming video service. Just like many tools that are new to us, learning to use Zoom requires some practice and guidelines for using it effectively. The guidelines linked below are intended to create the best experience while using Zoom. Please review the guidelines carefully to make sure you are a positive and polite online participant.

Guidelines for Students

Accessing Community and Mental Health Resources During School Closures

For school-based support, students and families can schedule time to connect with school staff including school counselors, psychologists, and therapists from 8:30-3:30 on scheduled school days. Our mental health staff is checking in with students and families who have been receiving ongoing school-based support. PAUSD social workers will be checking in with families in McKinney Vento and Foster Care Programs providing continued support remotely during school closures.

Ensuring Equity and Access for Vulnerable Students and Families

PAUSD is taking critical steps to address equity and access during the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school closure. Between preparing healthy lunches, creating and implementing flexible learning options for students, ensuring technology access and offering service with a smile, PAUSD professionals are busy planning for the next phase of learning as well as next steps to ensure that all students in PAUSD have equitable opportunities to learn and access to district and community resources and supports.

Phase II of Closure Begins

Like the two students captured starting their morning together with principal, Mary Bussmann, all students moved into Phase II of instruction during the statewide closure.  The phase began on March 23 and will be in place through Spring Break.  Phase III will begin when PAUSD returns from Spring Break if schools are still closed.

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