March 24, 2020
March 25, 2020

Two students watch an announcement from Principal Mary Bussman from home

Like the two students captured starting their morning together with principal, Mary Bussmann, all students moved into Phase II of instruction during the statewide closure.  The phase began on March 23 and will be in place through Spring Break.  Phase III will begin when PAUSD returns from Spring Break if schools are still closed.

Students and teachers are getting acquainted through a completely different methodology.  Once able to interact as part of a predictable social system, both are now forced to find connections through distance learning.   

PAUSD has deployed over 2,000 devices to students in preparation for this transition and is currently providing over 600 meals per day for families.  We are taking steps necessary to support special education students during a possible prolonged time away from the assistance they require to access material. 

This will be a challenge for everyone involved.  We are lucky to have resources to share, dedicated professionals, a caring community, and the ability to adapt to difficult circumstances.  Thank you to everyone for your trust in PAUSD to navigate through these uncharted waters.