Wired Network Infrastructure Refresh & Installation Services
December 19, 2019
January 17, 2020

Notice is hereby given that the Palo Alto Unified School District (“District”) is requesting qualified persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, or professional organizations to provide a comprehensive wired network infrastructure upgrade including hardware, licensing, and installation services.

It is expected that the awarded solution through this RFP process will provide the District with a comprehensive wired network infrastructure upgrade to address the existing and growing needs of high-speed, high-density connectivity for devices used by staff and students. The proposed response to this RFP should provide a robust, scalable and easily managed solution that will meet the needs of the District’s staff and students for at least the next five years. Overall, the solution should be a best fit of quality technology components that all work together to create a well-designed, comprehensive, and effective infrastructure professionally installed by qualified personnel.

Additional detail can be found in the RFP Document.

Update 1/16/2020

Additional information is provided in the attachments below to questions submitted in writing as well as questions and clarifications that arose from the job conference. For convenience, the spreadsheets included in Exhibit B can also be viewed/downloaded from Google Sheets.

Addendum 1 - 20200116

Exhibit B - Summary and Wiring Closet Detail (Google Sheets version)

Project Manual

Electronic submission upload form

Update 1/17/2020

Proposals are now due by Tuesday, February 18, 2020 8:30am. We had an error in calculation of the 28-day e-rate window, so the date needed to be moved back. Please note that our District Offices are closed on Friday, February 14 and Monday, February 17, so please plan accordingly.

Addendum 2 - 20200117