June 13, 2019


Our Board agenda for June 18 is complete and will be posted shortly. The back-to-back meeting schedule presented some challenges, but I think we are fine. The agenda includes:

  • Closed Session beginning at 6:00 p.m. (not 5:00 p.m. regular time)
  • Brief report on our zero waste efforts through food services
  • General overview of art program
  • Approval of the PAUSD Promise – attached as a Word document on BoardDocs
  • Approval of many items on consent that were discussed at our last meeting


Our offices are closed to the public on Fridays over the summer. That does not apply to most of our Executive Cabinet. We are planning for next year and have different vacation schedules. Everyone is back in mid-July.


We are working to provide more precise data next year with context. This, coupled with a predetermined schedule, should help us to better define our current state and progress connected to our goals. We have some ideas about ways we can improve the messaging and presentation of data to evaluate our programs and impacts on student performance. I recently read that school leaders have two jobs:  Improve academic achievement and build culture. Both can be measured and described in many ways. The data schedule will be ready by our August retreat together. 


Staff has begun work with our vendor on the project to refresh district and school websites. The first part of this project involves discovery of existing assets, logos, and brand guidelines. After reviewing and discussing the existing (albeit limited) branding documents with our vendor, staff will be including a small sub-project that includes an updated district logo and published brand identity guidelines for our use in the future. The output of updated, professionally produced brand guide will help with both the website refresh project as well as ensure consistency in our publications and communications going forward.


An update on the combining of the Art and Music Departments into one VAPA Department, will be shared at the June 18, Regular Board Meeting. The main goal of creating a VAPA Department is to provide PK-12 oversight to the music and art programs. Our VAPA Department mirrors the organizational structure of many other districts. Consolidating the management of budgets, supplies, materials, payroll, substitutes, and professional development for all credentialed VAPA teachers, into one office, aligns with District Office operations goals to meet industry standard protocols and practices, enhancing maintenance of efficient, intuitive, well-paced, compliant, and fiscally responsible management.


At the recommendation of current Title IX Coordinator, Megan Farrell, and Deputy Superintendent, Karen Hendricks, the Title IX office will undergo some relatively minor restructuring.

In November 2017, PAUSD hired its first full-time Title IX Coordinator to manage the Title IX Office in response to the added administrative requirements of the new Board Policies and the applicable sections of the PAUSD Resolution Agreement with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), Department of Education.

In summary, the Title IX Office has the following overall responsibilities:

  • Providing day-to-day Title IX and civil rights advice
  • Conducting investigations of Title IX and discrimination/harassment matters 
  • Managing the Resolution Agreement with OCR
  • Investigating new OCR complaints and formulating responses
  • Responding to appeals filed with the CDE
  • Creating and delivering the required Title IX and UCP training for all staff
  • Providing support to on-site staff on Title IX

It should be noted that the majority of these responsibilities were handled in the past by outside counsel. Thus, this in-house function has eliminated the need for most external legal costs.

In order to support the Title IX Office and move the management of investigations in-house, to the extent possible, the Board of Education approved two contract positions for a part-time administrator and a full-time Title IX Investigator through June 30, 2018. An Administrative Support Specialist was hired in February of 2018; the Investigator position was not filled because there were no qualified applicants willing to accept a limited employment contract (through June 30, 2018). Heading into the 2018-19 school year, the Board of Education approved the continuation of contract positions for the part-time administrative support and full-time investigator. Both of these positions were filled and contract employees started in September (Investigator) and October (Administrative Support Specialist).


To accomplish the goals of continuing to build capacity at the school sites and to normalize consistent processes, the Title IX Office is now poised for restructuring in order to properly staff the office and respond to current needs. Revised Job Descriptions are included for the Board on tonight’s Consent Calendar.

A gradual release of Officer time is not reflective of a decreased need for attention to leadership and supervision related to compliance of Title IX and Civil Rights, but rather a building of internal, sustainable capacity for managing these critical responsibilities. The Supervisor/Investigator function is a shift from a more singularly focused investigator role, to one that provides embedded school site support in managing the responsibilities.

A comparison of existing staffing and future staffing:



1.0 Classified Coordinator I (Salary Range Classified Coordinator I)

0.6 Officer (Salary Range Classified Director I)

1.0 Investigator (Range 93 Supervisory / Confidential)

1.0 Supervisor /Investigator (Range 93 Supervisory / Confidential)

0.5 Administrative Support Specialist (Range 84 Supervisory / Confidential)

0.5 Administrative Support Specialist (Range 84 Supervisory / Confidential)