June 20, 2019

Superintendent's Office


The Board will be contacted soon to identify possible dates for August retreats.  We know that we would like to find a date for the annual Superintendent/Board retreat.  One of my colleagues traditionally holds the meeting on the same day as their kick-off (in our case, Chow Down) event.  It has worked well for them in the past and may be worth our consideration.  The Board had also expressed an interest in a Study Session to discuss facilities and our bond/construction program. 


The PAUSD Leadership Team will hold our annual off-site planning session at the Aruba offices in Santa Clara.  They are providing the meeting space and equipment at no charge to the District.  As a reminder, our Leadership Team consists of roughly 75 employees.


We are making some physical moves at the District Office for a variety of reasons.  Our new Director of Certificated Human Resources Lisa Hickey will move into our current Deputy Superintendent’s office.  The Deputy is moving into the current Superintendent’s office.  The technology group is moving en masse to Portable B (currently largely vacant).  The Superintendent and staff are moving to the current technology space across the hall from the Title IX office.

Starting Ms. Hickey off with an appropriate welcome and on-boarding process is important.  As such, Ms. Hendricks will be relocating to my office before the end of the month.  I will temporarily move to the Business Services office for a couple of weeks until the dominos fall into place.  

One anomaly in our structure is the supervision and location of Payroll currently sitting with Human Resources.  This is not an ideal way to separate the checks and balances between Business and Human Resources.  Our new Chief Business Officer Carolyn Chow agrees, and recommended a change.  Payroll will now move to Business in a more traditional structure.

We are exploring ways to improve the experience for staff and visitors in Special Education.  There is no simple answer to the space issue, although we are exploring options.  Upgrading the general experience for this group is a high priority.