September 22, 2016
December 20, 2017

Dear PAUSD Parents and Guardians,

I hope you have enjoyed the start of this school year as much as we have enjoyed having your children back in our schools participating in high quality teaching and learning!

As we continue to march through this month of September, we want to make sure that our students stay on the right course all year long by coming to school each and every day.  September is Attendance Awareness Month, part of a nationwide movement intended to convey the message that every school day counts, and in PAUSD, we too take that message very seriously.

Good attendance is central to student achievement and well-being.  We all know that the more time students spend in school, the more they learn, but school attendance is also a protective factor, encouraging student engagement, inclusion, and overall well-being.  Our investments in curriculum and instruction will best benefit students if they are in school.  Therefore, we’d like to partner with you as we focus on school attendance.

A key step is to let you know about the critical role you play in helping your children get to school on time every day.  We know that you help your child build a habit of good attendance, enforce bedtimes and other routines, and avoid vacations while school is in session.  In addition to your efforts at home, we at school are going to take a closer look at our attendance numbers to see how our students are doing.  We will continue to focus on efforts to align and increase attendance notifications and communication to parents, using data to identify at-risk patterns in absenteeism to develop appropriate intervention strategies and help students build healthy habits around school attendance early on.  

This collective focus on attendance that includes schools, parents, and the community will help students be more successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

Thank you for your attention to this very important topic. I know that together we can help our children make every day count!

Glenn “Max” McGee