Hello and welcome to my page! 

The 2015-16 academic year promises to be the best yet for PAUSD’s nearly 13,000 students.   With a shared vision of serving our students as they “prepare to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world,” our entire faculty and staff are committed to “developing our students' knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills; nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and resilience; empowering each and every child to reach his or her full intellectual, social, and creative potential.”  To make this vision a reality, we are grateful to the community who passed the parcel tax thus assuring we have the resources, to the Board of Education for developing focused goals with specific measurable and deliverables, to the parents who entrust us with their most precious gifts – their children, and to our principals and district leadership team for their courage to be accountable for the success of every child. 

What impresses me most, however, is the commitment of our entire staff to the welfare of every child.  Some of the specific commitments we pursue for every student every day include these from The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching.

  • Be Intentional

– I help students develop deep knowledge
– I make the most of every minute
– I help students do something with their learning

  • Be Demanding

– I make performance expectations clear
– I measure understanding against high expectations

  • Be Supportive

– I engage student interest with every lesson
– I interact meaningfully with every student

In addition, we are redoubling our efforts to be students of our students.  In other words, to deeply understand the strengths and needs of each student as well as the yet untapped, unrecognized potential they have to excel beyond what any preconceived notions might be.   As students of our students, we develop caring relationships that foster a healthy learning environment in every way – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  To keep students engaged, we are striving to be purpose driven because we know that our students are hungry for purpose and meaning in their learning and that when they believe in what they are doing, they will truly learn and work hard.  As Carol Tomlison wrote, “Teachers who teach up ensure that students develop the skills of independence, self-direction, collaboration, and production that are necessary for success … they demonstrate to learners the satisfaction that comes from accepting a challenge and investing one’s best effort in achieving it.”

As your superintendent of schools, my commitment to you is that PAUSD will do whatever we can to assure that every student succeeds this year and throughout his or her time in our district.  Through words and actions with passion and compassion, we will be partners in “empowering all students to achieve their fullest intellectual, social, and creative potential.”

Glenn “Max” McGee, Ph.D.