Effective June 1, 2019 — May 31, 2020

Priority for the use of facilities are as follows.

Group 1

  • District and school-sponsored groups, clubs and student body organization.
  • School-connected groups (Parent Teachers Association, Employee Associations and/or organizations)
  • Users in this group may use district facilities, other than pools, without a fee for meetings, recreational activities and fund raising activities that benefit students of the district; however, a fee may be imposed for the use of equipment, supplies, custodial requirements, utilities or any personnel overtime.

Group 2

  • Departments or agencies of local municipal governments.
  • Community Organizations, Clubs and Associations with 501c3 status (documentation is required at time of application).
  • Governmental Agencies not charging fees or when use is for a community meeting.

Group 3

  • Businesses, Business Organizations, Business Recreation Leagues, Religious Organizations

Group 4

  • Camps. A camp is defined as an activity occurring for a minimum of six continuous hours per day during which there is no turnover of participants during the day or during a continuous session. Camp users must get a permit from the City of Palo Alto to reserve a field.
FacilityGroup 1Group 2Group 3Group 4 (camps)
ClassroomNo Charge$33/hour$53/hour

Classroom: $465/week
Multi-Purpose Room / Atrium: $1,015/week
Gymnasium: $1,405/week

Classroom: $700/week
Multipurpose Room / Atrium: $1,506/week
Gymnasium: $2,005/week

Library / Music RoomNo Charge$64/hour$95/hour
Dance StudioNo Charge$77/hour$121/hour
GymnasiumNo Charge$103/hour$157/hour
Grass / Athletic Field (Elementary and Middle Schools before 4pm)No Charge$30/hour$50/hour
Multipurpose RoomNo Charge$80/hour$131/hour
CafetoriumNo Charge$111/hour$161/hour
AuditoriumNo Charge$142/hour$210/hour
Quad / Courtyard (High School)No Charge$40/hour$63/hour
AtriumNo Charge$142/hour$210/hour
District Office Board RoomNo Charge$101/hour$161/hour
District Office Aspen RoomNo Charge$77/hour$121/hour
Football / Lacrosse / Soccer (High School)No Charge$112/hour$181/hour
Baseball / Softball Field (High School)No Charge$100/hour$148/hour
Blacktop / Basketball (Elementary)No Charge$23/hour$47/hour

Parking per spot for external events

No Charge



Track Only (doesn't include field)

Track and Field

No Charge





Tennis Court (per court)

Tennis and Basketball Courts

No Charge     $16/hour         $30/hour

Brokered by City of Palo Alto Recreation Department (Middle and High Schools after 4 pm)


Athletic Fields

Brokered by City of Palo Alto Recreation Department (Elementary and Middle Schools after 4 pm)


 Rates for Pool FacilitiesNon-ProfitFor-Profit
Swimming Pool$115/hour$175/hour
One certified lifeguard required per 20 swimmers.  

Rates for Personnel

Personnel RatesRegular TimeSat/OvertimeSun/Holiday
Custodial/Facility Monitor$37.00/hour$55.00/hour$73.00/hour
Custodial/Field Manager$42.00/hour$63.00/hour$83.00/hour
These rates include the district's costs for the employee's salary, statutory and overhead. Rates are subject to additional charges for equipment charges.  There is a minimum two hours charge for custodial.