Minimal subject requirements for admission to California universities include the following. 

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. 

University of California

a)     U.S. HISTORY / U.S. GOVT.   1 year

a)     WORLD HISTORY   1 year

b)     ENGLISH   4 years

c)     MATHEMATICS (through Algebra 2)   3 years

d)     LAB SCIENCE (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Geology)   2 years

e)     FOREIGN LANGUAGE (2 yrs. of same language)   2 years

a)     COLLEGE PREP ELECTIVES chosen from the following areas: Visual and Performing Arts, History, Social Science, English, Advanced Mathematics, Laboratory Science, or third year of Foreign Language   2 years

California State Universities

a)     U.S. HISTORY / GOVT.   1 year

b)     ENGLISH   4 years

c)     MATHEMATICS (through Algebra 2)   3 years

d)     SCIENCE (lab)   1 year

e)     FOREIGN LANGUAGE (2 yrs. of same language)   2 years

f)     ARTS (visual, performance)   1 year

f)     COLLEGE PREP ELECTIVES chosen from the following areas: English, History, Advanced Math, Lab Science, Visual or Performing Arts and other fields   30 units

Approved A - G Courses for the University of California 


American Studies (allow 1 unit) 

College U.S. History (AP) 

Contemporary World II 

Contemporary World History DHH

Contemporary World History LD Far East History II 

U.S. Government 

U.S. Government DHH 

U.S. Government LD 

U.S. History U.S. History DHH 

U.S. History LD 

World History 

World History DHH 

World History LD


American Classics II (H) 

American Dream 

American Studies (allow 1 unit) 

Basic College Skills 

British Literature 

College English (AP) 


Communication A 

Contemporary Heritage 

Contemporary Writers 

Dramatic Literature (alternate years) English LD 28 (maximum 1 unit with other English ESL courses) 

English Masters II (H) 

Escape Literature 

Facing Hist & Ourselves (Through Film & Literature) 



Film Literature 

Intermediate Composition 

Literary Style Philosophy through Literature 

Multicultural Literature 




Victorian Novel 

Women Writers 

English World Culture 

English World Tradition 

Writer's Craft 

Writers Voice

c-MATHEMATICS (*may only be used for the 'c' requirement)

Advanced Math 

*Algebra 1 

*Algebra 1A 

*Algebra 2 

*Algebra 2/Trigonometry (H) Analysis (H) 

Calculus AB & BC (AP) 


*Geometry A 

*Geometry/Algebra 2A Pre-Calculus 

Pre-Calculus A 

Statistics (AP) 

Trigonometry/Anlt (H)


Biology 1 

Biology 1A 

Biotechnology Chemistry 1 (H) 

Chemistry 1 

College Biology (AP) College Physics C (AP) 

Physics 1 

Physics 1A


French 1 

French 2 

French 3 

French 4 

French 4 (AP) 

French 5 

French 5 (AP) 

French 6 

French 6 (AP) 

German 1 

German 2 

German 3 German 4 

German 4 (AP) 

German 5 

German 5 (AP) 

German 6 

German 6 (AP) 

Japanese 1 

Japanese 2 

Japanese 3 

Japanese 4 

Japanese 4 (H) 

Japanese 5 Japanese 5 (H) 

Spanish 1 

Spanish 2 

Spanish 3 

Spanish 4 

Spanish 4 (AP) 

Spanish 5 

Spanish 5 (AP) 

Spanish 6 

Spanish 6 (AP) 

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2


Advanced Photo 

Advanced Vocal 

Art History 

Art History (AP) 

Art Spectrum 

Beginning Photography 

Ceramics and Sculpture 

Concert Band Concert Choir 

Design: 3 Dimensional 

Graphic Design 

Jazz Ensemble 

Music Theory (AP) 


Drawing and Painting 

Studio Art (AP) Symphonic Band 

Theatre 1 

Theatre 2 

Theatre 3 

Theatre 4 

Treble Choir 

Wind Ensemble

g-ELECTIVE COURSES (All courses listed under a – e with the exception of *math courses, plus the following:

Advanced Journalism 

African-American History 


Chemistry 1 

Cold War 

Computer Math 11 

Computer Science (AP) Dynamic Physical Science AC 

Economics AP Micro 

Economics AP Macro 

Economics II 

Engineering Technology 

Ethnic Studies 

Holocaust JAVA 


Physics 1A 

Psychology (AP) 

Psychology II 

Science 1 

Science 1 AC

Courses listed under this section, labeled 'x', are acceptable only for the purpose of meeting the new Visual and Performing Arts requirement, which goes into effect for students entering the University in Fall 2003 and graduating from your school in May or June 2003. These courses are acceptable only for this group of students. Students entering the University prior to Fall 2003 cannot utilize these courses to fulfill any part of the current 'a-f' subject requirements. The new Visual and Performing Arts requirement will be labeled 'f' starting in Fall 2003.

x-New f-VPA (2003) 

Art Spectrum 

Beginning Photography 

Graphic Design 

Theatre 1 

Treble Choir