This is a generic message stating that one or more of the fields below do not match our records.

Please check the following common situations that may be causing the claim process to fail.

Trailing spaces after a name or email address

Often times auto-complete features in browsers and mobile devices add spaces after filling the values which will cause a mismatch when submitted.

Mismatched email address

The claim process allows only one email address per parent, please verify the email address entered is the primary email address that would have been used at the time of registration.

Where do I find my child's student number?

Your child's student number can be located on the school-issued ID card, the number begins with 950xxxxx. This number is also your chlid's username used for their individual login to the portal.

Password is not valid

This message will appear as soon as you start entering a password. The complexity checker is activated after each keystroke. The message will go away when an adequate password is entered into both boxes.

Screenshot of invalid password

Valid Password

Still not working?

Please contact us via the Let's Talk! tab on the left side of this page, or by phone at 650-665-5320.