This is a how-to on setting up Google Authenticator on your iOS device for signing into

If you don't have Google Authenticator installed on your iOS device, please download it from the Apple Store.

  1. In the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, search for "Google Authenticator". Click "GET" to install
  2. Sign into on Safari. Type in your username. Click "Login"
  3. Do not type in your password yet. Click on "Try another method"
  4. Type in your password
  5. Upon successful authentication with your password, you will be presented with a QR code
  6. Copy the one-time alphanumeric code beneath the QR code by highlighting the code, long-pressing on it, and selecting "Copy"
  7. Switch over to the Google Authenticator app
  8. Click on Begin Setup (Manual Entry)
  9. Type  in the "Account" field. Paste in the alphanumeric one-time code into the "Key" field by long-pressing on the empty field and clicking on "Paste"
  10. Six-digit codes will now be generated every 30 seconds for you to use to sign into Long pressing the code will copy this data onto your clipboard