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Innovation & Agility

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Student Learning Track

What we do.

  • Creating aligned and efficient systems through strategizing project management which promotes visibility to the District’s process and outcomes.
  • Contextualizing the District’s annual “Promise Priority Goals” by evaluating processes through data collection and analysis. 
  • Lead K-12 Career Pathway programs towards diverse learning opportunities to prepare students for future employability.

Our Work

We assemble flexible teams and innovative programs that support every student's individual path to success. 

Unique and Purposeful Pathways to Success

We believe that every student has their own unique and purposeful pathway to success. The mission of Curriculum and Career Education is to provide every student with engaging, relevant, and unique learning experiences that prepare them to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

California Department of Education: CTE Model Curriculum Standards

Through our variety of pathway programs representing the state’s 15 CTE industry sectors, students develop knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These programs nurture curiosity, creativity, and resilience, empowering young people to reach their full intellectual, social, and creative potential. Throughout this journey, we strive to support all students in discovering and pursuing their interests and careers.

Our mission is to help every student have richer, more meaningful opportunities that prepare them for the workforce and beyond.
How we do it:
  • Create systems that support teachers' creativity at the levels closest to our students.
  • Collect and adjust in response to feedback that supports innovation.
  • Use effective Agile methods to solve problems.

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