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Thank you to our Educational Partners

It takes a community to raise our future leaders/generation and the Department of Innovation & Agility Team could not advance student learning and teacher innovation without the support of our educational partners. Providing real-world career exploration experiences is not possible without the help and support of our Palo Alto community. We are deeply indebted to all of our industry partners, volunteer mentors, teachers, parents, and more. The generosity of our community helps provide vital personal connections for students, making their education more meaningful and real-world connected. Together, we advance education and care for our students.

In addition to partnering with community leaders, our team:

  • Works with community colleges to provide dual enrollment and CTE opportunities.
  • Provides project opportunities for students through interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.
  • Connects students with mentors, internships, businesses, and other community partners.
  • Uses mentorship to create personalized learning for all students. 
  • Recruits and maintains quality mentors, business partners, and internship opportunities for career and curriculum programs.
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