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Visual & Performing Arts

The Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) faculty are committed to providing educational opportunities in Dance, Media Art, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art, that engages students, inspires creativity, and enhances learning.

All students in grades K-12 participate in sequential and comprehensive arts education programs that strengthen emotional engagement, inspire passion, develop creativity, and explore one's purpose.

The arts inform our lives with meaning every time we experience the joy of a well-remembered song, experience the flash of inspiration that comes with immersing ourselves in an artist's sculpture, enjoying a sublime dance, learning from an exciting animation, or being moved by a captivating play.

Quote from: National Core Arts Standards

If you have any questions about the Arts in PAUSD, please contact the Director of VAPA: Kelly Martin.

VAPA logo design winner

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is excited to share our new VAPA department logo. We really appreciate how it tells a story about our programs visually and that it was designed by one of our PAUSD students!

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